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43 thoughts on “$4,795,000 SMART HOME with FLOATING STAIRCASE & OCEAN VIEWS!”

  1. I like the workout Cubbyhole, but I’d use it to sit and look out at the bay. Put a nice recliner that gives you the option to listen to music. I could fall asleep with that view and the night sky would be breath taking.

  2. Honestly, I'd rather live in a house with the same look but not as big, I'd settle for a 800 sqft 2-3 bedroom with maybe just the pool and view, I can live without the theater, gym, and other facilities these mega mansions are crammed with.

  3. Yeah the place is nice (the interior modern design, the furniture, the smart home feel) but if you really think about it, this place is NOT a family home. It's a bachelor's pad. The homeboy who upgraded this place by converting the bedrooms into a movie theatre, office, etc did not have kids so he could do something like that. Considering the place only has four bedrooms, if you have several kids/family members, this would not be an ideal place despite its ample square footage. That's if you don't wanna lose the movie theatre and office. A place as big as this should have at least 5 bedrooms if not 6…in addition to the theatre/office. 5 bathrooms but only 4 bedrooms (2 of which are occupied as a theatre and office) for a place that looks like a mansion is NOT a good sell for big family. The place as it currently stands…is a good sell for a playboy bachelor to show off to his friends. The pool looks abnormally small relative to the size of the spa and considering the size of the property. It's a great design but is not suited for a big family but instead a small family with one child…OR a bachelor. That's not worth $4.7 mill, $3 mill sounds about adequate.

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