LIFX is killing it in the lighting department! Note: LIFX also includes support for Nest, Amazon Echo, and Smart Things among others. Purchase: …


19 thoughts on “LIFX Review: Best Smart Lighting?!”

  1. No most excitement you get from this company is to get your refund after return shipment.
    LIVX Tiles are very bad connecting to Wi-Fi, constantly loosing connection.

    Don't buy.

  2. I got an A19 recently. I don't know if you mentioned this but you can integrate them with digital assistants (Google assistant for sure) and control with your voice using your phone! It's awesome! The future is now.

  3. Thanks for the great review. You were mentioning about a variant that comes with only yellow light and without the other million colours. Could you share which variant that is?

  4. Like you mentioned, I'm leaning to LIFX over Philips because of the hub req't. My reservation is that several reviews indicate the LIFX bulbs drop from their network regularly and they have to reset the bulbs? Have you seen that issue? Thanks.

  5. Hey man! Im wanting to buy some of these bulbs but I have heard a lot of people complaining about the lights dropping off of the network. Have you had any connectivity issues with these? Thank you!!! 😀

  6. What they don't tell you is that all the lights disconnect from the network and then don't reconnect again. So every day or two you have to turn all the light switches on and off once anyway.

    I wish they could at least support some other wireless protocol so that even if they can't implement wifi correctly I can still control my lights.

  7. Great video! By the way, you can just double-tap the light strip in the app for it to flip directions. Maybe this is for the iOS app only, but give it a try! That will solve your problem 🙂

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