For the generation 8 of crawler excavators, the team of developers from Colmar completely revised the basic concept to further increase comfort, safety and …


8 thoughts on “Liebherr – The Smart Key and the Liebherr LED lighting system”

  1. Respected Liebherr, If Lights are switched ON or OFF automatically then surely there will be a computer controlled component to control the automatic switch ON or OFF system and it would need battery power. Won't the system drain the battery power quickly? As it needs to be ON all the times to automatically turn on the lights when recieving signal from the remote.

  2. Some of the shit shown in this video is being clever for no good reason other than we can do so. The 200-pound gorillas operating the machinery will break it in the course of their work day, and it won't get repaired unless Liebherr disables the machine over a convenience gimmick.

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