A hands-on, real, and honest review of the Phillips Hue Outdoor Lily Spot Smart Lights. The Hue Hub is required and is not included. Works with Siri/HomeKit, …


20 thoughts on “Phillips Hue Outdoor Lily Smart Lights: Honest Review”

  1. I want something like this to light up the backyard patio around my pool. I’ve already got a bunch of Hue lights around the house but these look a little bit too dim. I was also considering the Hue multicolor floodlight. I might need to get something else. I want it to be really bright.

  2. Excellent
    Quick questions:
    Does the power supply is waterproof ? I presume yes.
    Is there any way of pluging the system without using the socket… ? and using an existing cable ??
    Many thanks

  3. Saturation has to do with the surface the light is projected onto.. if you had gray concrete walls indoor those would be less bright too (I suppose most people have white walls indoors)

  4. would have loved some close ups of the cables. i have existing landscape lights frm diff manufacturer and the cabling looks similar, would love to use my existing cabling

  5. Because they use Zigbee protocol to communicate between each other, having other Hue lights between your bridge and the yard lights extends the range and gives significantly better connectivity. Each bulb connected to a bridge can act as a bridge, repeater, or mesh for the bulbs, so a bridge can reach an entire house if hue bulbs are within decent distances of each other and left with the power on.

    I mention the power because I explained this to my wife who complained our bedroom lights seemed to not work or work slowly at night but insisted on turning off the lights between our bridge and bedroom lights.

    When she left them on and used the dimmer switches I installed on the walls, lo and behold… it worked great because the bulbs bridged the gap between our bedroom and the bridge.

  6. What about the cords??? You're not talking about the cords. You're obviously not gonna just mow over them…or leave them scattered all over your yard are you? so can you bury them???

  7. Could you please give more information about different lengths of the cables that comes with the kit.
    What would be the max distance from the end of power plug (that goes to the outlet) to the first Spot?
    What would be max distance that each Spot could be placed from one another?

    Hope you can help, not finding to much info on line. Thanks for the video!

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