In this video we will do a Philips Smart LED Light Comparison to the WIZ LED Smart light and find out the best smart lights for Alexa smart home. Sponsored: The …


41 thoughts on “Best Smart Lights for Alexa”

  1. i hate the fact that phillips came out with WIZ after i spent hundreds, if not thousands on bulb kits, strip lights, exterior lights etc and a year later this comes out. smfh
    awesome info and love your vids my brother, would love to someday do the same. kudos

  2. It’s because cameras have a different frame rate to the human eye. All lights flicker at one frequency or another, but cameras with high frame rates can photograph the frames where the bulb isn’t emitting any light.

    Cheap lights will flicker more than expensive ones, so next time you see a lamp that looks cheap, record it with your camera in slow motion and it’s very likely the camera will pick up the flickering when the human eye can’t.

  3. I’m on amazon right now and theirs is a bundle that’s comes with Alexa two smart light bulbs and a plug-in thing does it come with everything I need? Should I buy it

  4. LED's flicker on video due to the frame rate of the recording and the rate at which the power to the light bulb is being supplied. The LED is powered by a DC current. Although it is screwed into an AC fixture, there is a small rectifier in the bulb to convert that to DC. That DC voltage is supplied at 60Hz or 60 times per second and because it is DC it acts more like a pulse, than the AC push/pull. Still with me? The bulb, in a way, flashes 60 per second. Faster that the eye can recognize. You are also recording at 60 times per second, or more likely 59.94 times per second. So the video is capturing some of the moments in between the "pulses". I hope this helps.

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