Review: Linksys MX10 Velop AX Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router is as Fast as it Gets

Wi-Fi 6 is finally here! We go hands-on with the excellent Linksys AX5400 Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax mesh Velop routers. The brand new iPhone 11 line is the first Apple …


50 thoughts on “Review: Linksys MX10 Velop AX Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router is as Fast as it Gets”

  1. I am trying to replace my current Airport network with the 6 Linksys but each attempt to have my Router recognize it fails. Not sure if I need to disconnect the Airport network. When I go through the process I get a Blue and then a Red light. No amount of Linksys App wake up the initial Node works. Ahhhh

  2. For the AX4200 and 3 unit MX12600, can you hook 2 or even 3 by Ethernet cable, or are we limited to hook only 1 by Ethernet and have to use the other 2 as Wifi Mesh?

  3. Just bought them. Utter garbage. I'm only on 110mb/s download 10mb/s upload from my ISP, but the 'speeds' quoted only apply on gigabit connections, and the faster 'connection' speeds i.e. local network speeds are NOT for transfers. Copying a 646mb file from iMac (gigabit ethernet) to iPad Pro takes 43 seconds -> 15mb/s. Pretty awful and exactly what I'm getting from the built in hub in my ISP's router/modem device (Virgin Superhub). VERY misleading. And Linksys's phone support is atrocious – people who don't speak English and can't understand it properly on a faint line and misunderstand everything you say and don't even log the call properly for follow ups. AVOID.

  4. Does this Velop MX10 system allow additional Velop AX (AX5300) nodes to be added to the same mesh network? Our facility has 12,000 sq.ft. over 4 floors, I don't think the official 6000 sq.ft. specs for the 2 AX5300 nodes included with the MX10 are going to cover the square footage I need. I'd love to be able to add additional AX5300 units to the same mesh network. I'm having trouble getting the answer to this question. Any help appreciated!

  5. I have the AX5300 and have been working with Linksys support and cannot get above 500 mbps. I have 1gbps and I am getting 890+mbps download from my provider and on the router with a wired connection but for wireless no way. I have a MSIE66 Laptop with a Killer Wifi 6 1650i network card. It may be that I need a router that support 160 mhz.

  6. I had a customer that's subscribed to the gig plan from Spectrum, out of the modem connected through ethernet cord I get 940 mbps download. Connected modem to Linksys mesh router, ethernet connection from router I could only get speeds of around 257 mbps download. Customer said that they spent around $400 for the Linksys mesh system. Do you think Linksys mesh system is a good buy? You can decide…

  7. This Thing is expensive and runs very slow. I bought the Cheapest Deco M4 and that outperformed this Wifi 6 Router.

  8. Thanks for the review I guess I’ll try this out I had the AC6600 3 nods, And believe me when I say it’s absolute garbage. Nodes don’t connect to each other signal is terrible. Also what’s the difference between the MX 5 and the MX 10

  9. I wish this router had a power user mode for more settings options. It seems way too dumbed down for me but I like the look and the performance! But I’d never buy another router like the AirPort Extreme which started out with a ton of hidden customizable settings… and slowly chipped away at them over time with updates to the point where you had no choices in your wireless settings.

  10. Hands down the best router I’ve owned.た Doubled my current Mbps when added to existing triband Velop system. New Wifi 6 model now serves as parent. Generating 700 Mbps in a very WiFi-saturated townhouse development. I get the same consistent signal from the first floor to the third. Backhauled connections to two child nodes with green switch incorporated into the mix. Worth every penny!

  11. Q: Are the node units the same as router unit? I need 2 of them, but only see singles for sale no twin packs – if I buy 2 singles would they work together?

  12. Let’s be honest, Apple dropped the ball by not integrating these routers into the airport app. If they were going to stop production of the airport base stations and offer these in the apple store as a supplement they should’ve been integrated. Who wants to sign up for yet another account for another third party to have access to your router and network …. no thanks. Haven’t we basically had mesh with apple base stations before they called it mesh and they were able to integrate itunes??? Man what a gimmick. Internally are theses just a base station? Have you torn one down and compared to a base station …did apple just license the base station design to linksys to make $? So sad that apple is less and less seamless and painful to use….Thanks Cook for having no vision.

  13. I need help understanding because all of these videos confuse me. Doesn’t this boxes act like a range extender for you router box from your isp. Because every router I’ve seen in these setup videos require you to plug the Ethernet cable into the router for it to properly work. So wouldn’t I just buy a range extender that would be cheaper to buy and setup for the WiFi? This is because these WiFi 6 boxes doesn’t give more download or upload speed that your isp provides.

  14. The Orbi Ax6000 is basically the same as Velop. Anyone else miss Apple Airport routers? I wish Apple still made networking equipment! 😢. I still use the Apple routers as a legacy network along side my Orbi AX6000 Wi-Fi 6 mesh.

  15. Every Device even my iPhone 11 MAX PRO is getting 800-900 Mbps Upload & Download speeds. I was in total shock when I saw these speeds. IT's crazy. I was losing my mind over the ARRIS MESH WIFI system that I bought to work maybe better with my ARRIS ROUTER but I wasted my money on ARRIS.

  16. I bought a set of these MX10 and I am getting 900 Mbps downloads & 800-950 Mbps Uploads. I spent $1000 on ARRIS WIFI mesh system and I had bad speeds that dropped. so I found a video about LINKSYS MX10 and went and got them at Best Buy and I cannot believe I am getting 75-90% of my Speeds over wifi. LINKSYS MX10 is the only system that can do wifi 6 and show these types of SPEEDS.

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