It's Fast! Asus AC2900 RT-AC86U WiFi Router Test and Review – Netcruzer TECH

Black Friday Tech Pickup. Asus AC2900 also known as AC86U. This is a Dual Band WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet Router, with MU-MIMO NitroQAM, and other ‘gamer’ …


37 thoughts on “It's Fast! Asus AC2900 RT-AC86U WiFi Router Test and Review – Netcruzer TECH”

  1. to be fair mate, I dont think you quite understand that you will never notice the bennefits of this router. You need a better line, my phone is faster than your broadband, absolutely crazy.

  2. I just bought this router. Went though set up and can't get past "router account" page. It want a user name and password to get into "router account" and get to settings. I did not see any set up for a router account in the step by step set up. How do I access settings if I dont have a router account ? Did I miss something? I got the wired part working but cant access settings to make the wireless part work. And asus "help" no help lol

  3. I was just wondering about setting up your modem/router from your ISP to bridge mode. Is it absolutely necessary to do if you're gonna get a third-party router?

  4. This router quite literally stopped me going crazy lol. I am lucky enough to have full fibre internet here in the UK but the supplied equipment from my provider was simply terrible. With the ASUS I get WIRED speeds on wireless!

    It easily handles my 900Mbps down and 110Mbps up.

  5. Holy cow, I got your speed 20yrs ago in Vancouver 😂. Got to love your enthusiasm tho. I would move to the big city for high speed internet!

  6. darnnn what do you have back on that day for Internet ? DSL 5Mbps/2Mbps?? It won't be faster as of having low Internet bandwidth speed like that 🙂

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