What is HomeKit? | The Basics of Building a Smart Home With Apple's HomeKit in 2021

This is the basics of HomeKit. HomeKit is Apple’s smart home platform that allows you to control your smart home devices from any of your Apple products.


36 thoughts on “What is HomeKit? | The Basics of Building a Smart Home With Apple's HomeKit in 2021”

  1. Why are there so many products that support Alexa or google, but don’t support HomeKit? Is it hard or expensive for product/app developers to make their products compatible? It’s really annoying that I have so many products that I can’t control with Siri/my HomePods.

  2. What do you find as a good solution to operating a ceiling fan with HomeKit? Not wanting to replace the fan , just want to operate it they a “smart switch “!

  3. Thank you! I found that very informative! I think I'd like to set up something that turns lights on when I come home at night, alert me if my doors are opened (I live alone and would like the extra security) and ALL THE LIGHTBULBS!!!! It's going to be a slow process switching everything over though because it's all quite costly

  4. Hi Shane. Planning to buy Aqara Hub and other Aqara security products but I dont have any Apple device Hub like the homepod mini (I only have my iPhone). Will Homekit still work? Thanks in advance

  5. One reason for me to choose homekit is that it also works if the internet is down. Apart from what you mentioned. Nice video by the way.

  6. New subscriber here. Great videos for people like me with zero knowledge on smart homes.
    If love the look of the Google Nest hub with the screen. We are Apple people in the house and want to stay with Apple. Do you think an iPad would serve as good as a HomeKit hub as a Google Nest in terms of the interface and UI options?

    Lastly, you mentioned the only HomeKit hub that supports thread is the home pod mini. How about an iPad used as the hub?

  7. I am not sure if I should put this on your HomePod mini video or here…. But what happens when you have several devices that are capable of being the hub. I want to add a few Mini's because of the IFTTT support, but I also have several AppleTV 4K that are currently acting as the hubs. I believe one is the main, and the other is a fallback, but I don't know how to tell.

  8. The internet is broken (i.e. the connection between the router and the ISP), but WiFi at home is still working. Can I still control my HomeKit devices when I'm at home?

  9. Hi i have 2 Home Pod and 2 Mini. But when i play music, sometimes they disconnect from the music. Should i need more speed on mu router or i need to replace the router? Or the speakers are defective?

  10. Hi Shane another great video. I was wondering if you could do a video about adding a child to your HomeKit home so they can control there lights and devices in there bedroom without be able to altering or deleting anything from HomeKit?

  11. Hi! nNew subscriber here. Super informative video, so I think you might have the answer to my question. How do you set up long runs of LED with HomeKit? I'm wanting to upgrade my house & there is so much mixed info out there about setting up smart LED strip lighting. You might already have a video about. Thanks!

  12. Now can we do one for Google products?
    I hate apple with a burning passion… Let me know when 2.7 years of your Icloud storage history just literally just DISAPPEARS out of all your device's at once…

  13. I understand that HomeKit provides high security but should it then be the only route to controlling your accessories? If you use the accessory app I assume that it bypasses HomeKit and is therefore less secure?

  14. Okay I neeeed this to be answered. How do I remove accessories from my home app? I switched to a new internet line and all of the off brand accessories that connected directly to the wifi didn’t connect to my new wifi. How do I fix that? I have 2 meross bulbs and 2 meross ambience lights

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