30 thoughts on “TP-link AC1200 Wireless Router Review”

  1. Worst ever router range wise, i ordered this router to extend my range as my internet providers router was very basic and not giving the proper range, this is even worst, ended up returning this.
    Trust me you will regret after buying this router if you’re buying it to extend range

  2. Is this router support wifi scheduler for my little siblings with new system update?
    I want my 2.4 wifi set to turn on @7am and turn-off @10pm is this possible? I was planning to get this router.

  3. please excuse me, i’m not very tech-smart, but does this support fibre connection? i’ve currently got a 2.4 GHz router right now and i’ve been having so many problems with it. i was told i needed to get a router that runs a 5 GHz band(?) to solve the problem!

  4. So if you want to get 100 mbps in your top area of your house, connect your previous router to the old one using an ethernet cable, preferably cat5e, you can buy these cables for like 20ft for like 15-20$ or you can make your own with a crimp, run that cable up to where you want better connectivity, plug in your old router, setup the wifi ssid and password and you'll have full coverage up there, without any delay.

  5. Hi
    I just watched your video on this router. I’m considering this router to replace my current netgear that keeps dropping my Spectrum internet. Just wanted to see how it is working 3 months later…?

  6. تي بي لينك AC1200 راوتر واي فاي ذكي – 5 جيجا هرتز جيجابت ثنائي الموجات MU-MIMO لاسلكي انترنت ، تغطية طويلة المدى من 4 هوائيات (آرتشر A6)

    يقدم سرعة انترنت مثاليه يغطى مساحه كبيره عن غيره

    TP-Link AC1200 Smart Wi-Fi Router – 5 GHz Gigabit Dual Band MU-MIMO Wireless Internet, Long Range Coverage of 4 Antennas (Archer A6)

    Provides ideal Internet speed covering a large area than others

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