All Smart Home Devices In One App – 7 Smart Home Dashboards

Turn any phone or tablet into a Smart home touch panel with 7 super easy Alexa based Smart Home Dashboards to get all your Smart Home Devices into one …


23 thoughts on “All Smart Home Devices In One App – 7 Smart Home Dashboards”

  1. Happy Saturday everyone! I get asked all the time how to get all your smart home devices on one screen so here are 7 ways of doing it and all the pros and cons! If you wanna buy any of the products featured in today's video then there are some links below!

    As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. By buying through any of the links below I will earn commission at no extra cost to you 🙂

    Fire Tablet:



    Raspberry Pi starter kit:




  2. Awesome video as always. I was looking forward to see Athom Homey listed in the solutions, as I am very tempted to buy it instead of these (I suppose more popular) products.

  3. Congratulations mate, you managed to make a video which was so annoying I clicked away from it despite the information you were giving being good. There comes a limit, at least for me, to how much of your childish squealing and performing whilst attempting to be Mr. Personality one can stand. Sorry but this had to be said. Now perhaps before you produce anymore instructive and informative videos you should forgo the Sunny D or maybe roll up a big, fat spliff. 😂

  4. I'm confused what did Google do to sabotage themselves? I'm putting my smart home together right now and for the most part I'm using Google home 😬. Should I use something else?

  5. Happy Sunday Paul. Just been watching some of your videos as im wanting to see if i can build a dashboard using my Galaxy Tablet. Do you have to use a Raspberry Pi if i want to use Home Assist? I really dont know what im doing here as this is all new to me.

  6. Did you ever try jeedom? I use it for 5 years now. Much easier then home assistant and extremely customizable. I run it for free on a raspberry pi.

  7. I think your amazing in every possible way. Thank you so much for your advice. Your videos are not only very educational but funny and your voice is a pleasure to be heard! You rock I’m most definitely your newest fan.

  8. I have Xiaomi smart blue in my room and apparently they aren't showing up in my Google Home app on my iPhone and even on my android phone. when I go to the selection of service to sign in it says im already logged in but still I don't see the blubs. everything else on my Smart Life app shows up. can you help me out thanks

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