NETGEAR Nighthawk X6S : D-Link Exo AC2600 : TP-Link AC4000 : NETGEAR …


33 thoughts on “BEST GAMING ROUTERS! (2020)”

  1. Wait so when I go to like at&t or spectrum to get my wifi and they give me my router, then I buy one of these and connect this router in the video to the router they gave me?

  2. Don't buy a Night Hawk from Amazon. I just made that mistake. They are not an authorized re-seller of the product and because of that. If you call Netgear for anything they will turn you away.

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  5. I use to have Xfinity and using the Asus GT Ax11000, The speeds was very fast when it worked, But Xfinity internet was not reliable, Recently I switched to Att 1GB fiber but i notice the Asus even in Pass-through mode is not as fast as it was with Xfinity, I notice lag when gaming online even with hardwired, Also the wifi is soso not sure what i can do to speed up the Asus router.

  6. What is a Good Gaming router For online games and streaming I have a lot of devices connected to the internet And my twitch stream hella delayed because my internet saying network traffic I need a good router help me please good upload and download speed it’s only going to be me on the router WiFi help me please ?

  7. Has anyone used the Google nest one? Is that any good? I have the Orbi, set up with the extender. My room is about 40 yards away from main router and 20 yards from extender. Im only getting about 15 mgps…..on my PS4….when im paying for 600 mgbps on Sonic California

  8. its a scam at the end of every link there is /?tag=tech-mag-20 which means it is an amazon affiliate link and these people are taking our hard earned money for maybe giving us a faulty wifi router

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