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28 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi 4A Wireless Router Review”

  1. Hi, please try to do a review with it's function specially QoS Smart Bandwidth Allocation, internet access restriction and scheduled internet access control.. you and viewers will be surprised. I have Mi Router 4A(R4AC) VER (stable 3.0.5)

  2. Cons:

    No WiFi schedule!

    Can’t set the standard, like „ac only”

    Power setting rather symbolic – 1-2 dB difference.

    No special characters allowed: $, (might be problem when working as the repeater)

    Just 866 Mbit/s on the faster 5GHz

    Non standard channel 2 was set as „automatic” during trials (not recommended channel)

  3. I bought the router but I am very disappointed from it, I want to connect it wireless to my home WiFi 5GHz but guess what you can’t I wanted to connect it with my 5GHz WiFi network but it’s not possible, I want to connect it to my 5GHz WiFi because its much faster the 2.4ghz sucks I am actually so disappointed from xiaomi.

  4. It's impossible to create guest network. There is no necessary switch in MIWiFi app inside Settings/Wi-Fi settings tab. Everything is up to date so I think this is huge minus..

  5. Love the Israeli accent!
    Quick questions:
    1. Do you need a modem to connect to the router or it is functional as both?
    2. Can u access the administrator panel easily? Does it support English or it is all on Chinese?

    Thanks for the review mate!

  6. שלום . רכשתי את הראוטר הנ"ל A4 ומסתבר שקבלתי גרסה סינית לחלוטין . האם יש אפשרות לקבל הגדרות באנגלית ? MANUAL באיזה דרך ? וכן האם ישנם רומים באנגלית שניתן להשתמש בהם ?

  7. can we use this as a wife repeater???
    is there have global version and chines version separately??? OR Chinese version support all countries and all the networks???

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