Inside a $5,998,000 Los Angeles Modern SMART HOME with Glass Infinity Edge Pool

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27 thoughts on “Inside a $5,998,000 Los Angeles Modern SMART HOME with Glass Infinity Edge Pool”

  1. Andy Warski Real Estate Agent, smart makes home look larger, I’d have to duck under shower. No taxes, starfire it’s for hotels and gas flames. Borosilicate or bulletproof it’s California, shake plate. Looking up neighbors and surrounding.

  2. Oh, California LA, otherwise absurd price for “modern boxy look, advertising nope. Couldn’t pay me to live in commiefornia again. Good luck keeping horde out. Hotel suite, wine cellar in light, realty isn’t a man’s vocation. Be productive trad nat soc. Powder room, Los Angeles is sad misnomer. Look like DIY ikea. What was piece of land worth? Build loads of homes in resort town on beaches in Mexico. Destroyed now, copper pex marble, stones from ruins taken. Clearly not an engineer, servos, made me sad.

  3. Am I the only one who values privacy over a fancy house like this? My neighbours could literally watch me work, sleep and sit in my living room if I would live there 😂 I dont understand how people can build these beautiful houses in places like this, its just such a waste…. or does anyone enjoy living in an aquarium like this?

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