Christmas Smart Home Setup! – Automate the Holidays with HomeKit!

Using smart home tech and automations makes the holidays even more fun and efficient. I’m going to show you how I’m using HomeKit to control my holiday …


21 thoughts on “Christmas Smart Home Setup! – Automate the Holidays with HomeKit!”

  1. Hey Shane, great videos! I am watching a lot and learning a lot as well… thanks! But I have an issue… I got an Aqara Hub and a Mijia Motion Sensor. They are all OK on my Aqara App and Homekit. I want to make the alarm sound when the sensor is triggered but only when I turn on the away mode (security system button) on Homekit… is there a way? I created an automation on Aqara app, IF motion detected, THEN alarm is triggered, and it works… but all the time. It doesn’t matter if I turn on or off the security system mode on my Homekit… Where is my mistake?

  2. Damn bro you certainly deserve more views / subscribers. It seems like you put more effort into these videos than the multi million sub channels. Super informative and produced beautifully. Hopefully your channel blows up with how many people are buying the HomePod mini and realizing it’s smart home capabilities.

  3. Great vid and ideas Shane! I wish I watched this during your giveaway time, those Twinkly lights look awesome but a bit over my budget, LOL!

  4. Hey Shane, trying to figure out an automation where the outside temperature is used as a trigger to turn on a meross plug. It’s for car block heaters that only need to be warmed for 4 hours when the temperature goes below -4 F.

  5. Hi Shane 👋

    I got my new HomePods today and set them up.

    But neither the Dolby Atmos nor Dolby Vision is showing up in the settings.

    The best picture setting I can get is 4K HDR & best audio setting is Dolby Digital 5.1.

    The support I did get from Apple is saying that my TV isn’t HDR 10 capable, and that I also need a HDMI 2.0a cable.

    But even if the TV isn’t capable of pushing DolbyVision content in a video.

    Shouldn’t the speakers be playing Dolby Atmos as they are connected directly to the Apple TV wirelessly?

    I saw some video of others who had older TVs but still were able to push Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos.

    I’ve had almost no help from Apple and want to get this setup right.

    Why isn’t Dolby Atmos & Dolby Vision in my settings? I have all the latest updates on iPhone, Apple TV & HomePods.

    Any help you can provide would be great. Thank you 🙏

  6. So great as your other’s videos ! Sad to see that non US can’t enter giveaway! Don’t forget your EU friends 😬
    I’ve purchased the new special Twinkly 400, so beautiful, impatient to add Hoobs to be able to control with HomeKit !

  7. Booo! Your comp is only open to US residents. Why can’t international peeps get the option to gift it to a friend in the USA? It’d make an epic Christmas present.

  8. Hi again Shane, I saw that you already start to use your Meross Plug… nice. I don’t have any smart bulb yet. I’m thinking on buying some Vocolinc color bulbs. Do I have to let the light switch always on in order to use them in my holiday scene automations? Can I control the on/off directly with the bulb without using the light switch right?

  9. Shane, great video and yes, smart plugs make so much of this easy now that their prices make them much more affordable to incorporate.

    I just created a Siri shortcut where my daughter can ask if there is a Grinch in the house. Siri randomly picks one of our names or “nobody”. If it is one of our names, smart lights turn green, Siri says who the Grinch is and our HomePod plays “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”. If ‘nobody was selected, Siri says ‘Nope, the coast is clear-Merry Christmas!” and plays another song from our Christmas playlist. I’m waiting to let her try it right after Thanksgiving but should be fun.

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