WiFi Routers Everything You Should Know – Geekyranjit Explains

In this video I explain you about different kinds of wifi routes ranging from budget wifi routers to high end wifi routers, dual-band wifi router, wifi range extenders …


23 thoughts on “WiFi Routers Everything You Should Know – Geekyranjit Explains”

  1. Why are you hiding the fact that fiber-optic routers need a PON port to support Toslink cables. None of the branded routers have that port. They just want to make a fool of everyone.

  2. Bro, can you suggest me a DUAL BAND GPON ROUTER. Am planning to upgrade to BSNL FIBERNET but the Gpon router brands am getting at ecommerce sites and local computer shops are syrotech, dbc, netlink. Pls reply asap.

  3. For a 75mbps connection can you suggest cheap router for 1200sq ft area coverage? My desktop doesn't have a WiFi support I would like to directly connect the internet from the router. Also most of the online classes are done with door closed due to noise from main room I would like to place the router in main room and attend the classes in my room with a laptop. Pls help.

  4. Ranjit Sir you must remake this video with latest wifi routers ,extenders and mesh systems with keeping Jio Fiber in discussion as the routers now have the apt speeds for broadcasting.

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