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  1. Hello & Thanks for your info.; I have been attracted to Eufy doorbell camera because of its lack of connection to the 'Cloud'. I purchased the doorbell with the base station and connected the battery operated doorbell to an adapter to maintain its charge. It seems, and forgive me for being incorrect, that the rest of the products that you recommend are connected to the Cloud and instead of keeping my information in my house they send it out over the internet to the Cloud.
    I would like to add a Roomba, an automatic door lock, and light controls. Is it not possible to get these items without connected them through the web and the Cloud???

  2. i would not use any home automation device or service that requires a server on the internet to work
    1) i don't want my info to go out on the internet where anyone can intercept it and use it against me.
    2) i don't want a service failing because my internet connection goes down (yes, that happens occasionally)
    so IOW, if it can't happen locally, it aint gonna happen. no IFTTT, siri or alexa for me, thank you very much. exceptions:
    – a (heavily encrypted) direct connection from my LAN to a mobile device where the internet transfers the data from one end to the other but does nothing else with it
    – a computer on my LAN retrieving data (weather, for example) from the internet for processing in my LAN

  3. I have been using Insteon products for about 3 years – from internal and external cameras (useful for proving FedEx did not deliver when they claimed they did), motion detectors, thermostat, door sensors, water leak sensors, garage openers, front door locks, lights switches, etc, Multiple devices can be controlled through "scenes" and states of devices can also trigger other devices and so on , like turn TV on if motion detected while away. However, Insteon stopped providing support for remote front door openers which was a pain (I suspect insurance issues). I'm about ready to move from the Insteon hub to another more "open" system. It seems you like hubitat. What are its pros and coms? Do you use just the one systems or do you have many and if so how well do they integrate?

  4. great stuff i am looking for a auto lock for a sliding glass patio door. sliders only can be locked from inside but is you have on a guest unit or pool house there is nothing any ideas

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  6. All these innovations look and sound great but some can be hacked into very easy. If there is a power outage you are locked out or into your own home so you would need your own backup power supply like a generator or solar panels to make sure you never lose power.

  7. Awesome video – thanks! Questions: Are you pairing the lights with Hubitat directly? How about the Caseta gear? Using the Caseta hub or pairing directly with Hubitat? Are you doing all of your automation in Hubitat? Any automation happening elsewhere? Thanks again for your great videos!

  8. Matt, have you ever thought through the process of temperature monitoring of your freezer(s). I have freezers in my kitchen refrigerator, a stand alone freezer in my utility room, and an old freezer in the ‘replaced’ frig/freezer that’s now in the garage. I’ve tried the transmitter design with batteries in the freezer, but they just don’t last. My desire would be to have a probe inside the freezer that is direct wired to a sender unit outside of the freezer (where the wire that the magnetic door seal goes over doesn’t affect the seal). This could then interface with a Hubitat for warnings if the temp rises above a certain temp. I’ve seen a couple of DIY videos, but I don’t have the talent of an EE to effect such a contraption. It seems like there is a valid need for a ‘home owner’ product that works as discussed. I’ve seen commercial, big freezer products that are too expensive for home use. Thanks.

  9. I like this video because, for most of the things, he isn't telling you to buy all these expensive light bulbs and washing machines, he's showing you how you can make the things you already have IoT-enabled.

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