How to Re Pair a GE Smart Light Switch to a new hub by Samsung SmartThings

Having trouble re-pairing with a new hub? We show you step by step how to pair your GE Smart Light switch to a new hub. Factory Resetting, un-pairing and …


15 thoughts on “How to Re Pair a GE Smart Light Switch to a new hub by Samsung SmartThings”

  1. Thank you! Spent DAYS of frustration researching and resetting and trying to pair. Finally I decided one last time to try to find a solution or all my plugs were going in the trash! Viola! I was meant to find this video and I am so very grateful to you!!

  2. Thanks for the very helpful video. Just a small caveat: My version of the SmartThings app on Android does not seem to have the Z-wave exclusion mode. However I was still able to add the switches normally once I had deleted them from my Wink Hub 2.

  3. I have tried this at least 20 times and done all the trouble shooting. It gets to 80% and stops every time. I have never been able to add this device so it looks like it’s in the exclusion mode but not sure since it never stops searching… (my toggle does not have a button as some of the pictures show.).

  4. Thank you very much. This was very helpful and worked as expected.

    If you're having challenges detecting the device, try moving the hub as close to the switch as you possibly can.

  5. So after 2 days of the frustration in trying to get my GE ZWave Plus switches and outlets synched with my new ST Hub, I come across this video in the desperation of finding guidance. I watched this video and then went to give this a try. I was ABLE to Exclude 18 switches and 6 outlets and then repair them with my new Smartthings Hub in less than 45 minutes. This was such a TIME-SAVER and Spot on the only instruction anyone needs to avoid the frustrations of changing hubs and re-pairing their smart switches/outlets. Well Done. Thank you for the incredible guidance.

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