– Learn how to Quickly and easily turn your existing low voltage landscape lighting system into a simple easy to use wi-fi controlled …


4 thoughts on “How to Install Wi-Fi Low Voltage Landscape Lighting”

  1. Hi, my lighting transformer, when in manual mode, does not back on when pulling plug and plugging back in. You have to then turn it back on at the panel. Can you recommend a model that does come back on when removing and replacing power?

  2. Will this work only with the simple transformers without any timing function? For example some 120W Malibu transformers (and other brands) have a digital screen, I guess for some digital timing function and may need an initial set up before its "ready" to go. Do some transformers require some basic set up after you turn it on? In that case just simply turning on the transformer will not turn ON the lights. Thanks for your help.

  3. Is it ok to leave the wifi timer switch connected to the devices outdoor as in rain? Also if we have to connect to the low voltage transformer what should be the setting in the transformer if we want to turn on on a need basis?

  4. Why not just use a sonoff WiFi switch? 2200w and 10amps. A single channel costs $6, app driven and highly modifiable. Put it in a project box and it becomes water and weather proof.

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