TP-LINK ARCHER AX1500 802.11ax WiFi 6 Router Review (2020) is a great WiFi 6 router at $70. ▷ Product Link: ▷WiFi Routers, Mesh …


26 thoughts on “TP-LINK ARCHER AX1500 802.11ax WiFi 6 Router Review (2020)”

  1. Hello, do you have access to Huawei routers? The cheapest AX router in the market is "Huawei AX3, Quad-Core, AX3000" in Germany. I wonder if it's any good. Do you have any information about this model? Thanks for the great video!

  2. Your phone is not compatible with 802.11ax
    Check the specs the only phones having wifi 6 rn is samsung and pixel and oneplus. Very few laptops have wifi 6. Dude do better I am 12

  3. Hello,

    I view your video on the TP-Link AX1500 Next-Gen Wi-Fi 6 Router and it was excellcent. My question is a configuration question – I have a Netgear C7000 and I want to use the TP-Linkin a Bridge mode can I do that and how. My email is I look forward to your comments and answer.

    Thank you


  4. Just started video, hope to find out if the eithernet ports are 1/1000. You see all the bullshit about wireless speed are wasted if the router eithernet connection to your gig speed modem is only able to push 100 mgps through it. That is 1/10th of what your paying for with your gig speed internet connection.

    Bottom line the bullshit advertising about 5ghz wireless speeds leads to wasted money because no matter what your wireless speed is, with 10/100 eithernet port the over all speed is always going to be at max 100 mgps, its all an advertising lie that the companies selling this crap knows about, they always knew its a MAJOR BOTTLENECK.

    That is why you never see the eithernet ports specs are on the box! And hell I can't find them online, even for the router in this video.

    I've got 3 TpLink routers all screaming about their 856 mgps 5ghz wifi yet the eithernet ports are 10/100 so the fast wireless will NEVER be any faster then that.

    I am so pist off

  5. The only thing I would ask is a consistency test for 20 minute consistent data stream over local server. Something like a 200gb transfer over local network to test random drops.

  6. no the router sucks AS ! computer showing 1.2 GBPS wifi speed and you got halv av that on a speed test that is really poor performance ! Ive tested the router and same results ! and it SUCKS !

  7. Can you please tell me which router I should go for D-Link DIR X1560 AX1500 or TP-LINK ARCHER AX1500 as both are showing same price on amazon? Will appreciate your quick response? Thanks alot for nice videos.

  8. Thanks for taking your time on that.

    Would you recommend this as an access point?

    It will be a normal a house with 2 1200sqft levels. I will be using a thin rack mount computer with PFSense as a router then an Arista Layer3 10gbit switch for wired connections. So I just need an AP but I want somethings thats wireless 6 capable.

  9. Now this is how you review a router. Thank you very much for doing all this for us. Thank you very much.

    My only question is, how many devices can it simultaneously support?

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