A video demonstration of the many capabilities of the Intellistreets intelligent light pole system, including homeland security, video surveillance, public safety, …


15 thoughts on “Intellistreets DHS Smart Street Light System”

  1. We have these intelli street lights in town. From LEDs to wifi connections on every pole to cameras and 5g technology installed in minutes.
    Pure evil. Fusion centers are going up all over and even giving out letters and text saying to connect with them within 7 days. That they have already seen 124 crimes since deployment. They been open a couple days. They know everything about everyone, addresses, numbers ext.
    And 5g readymade nightmare.

  2. 1984 movie technology! The sad truth is it's here NOW. Nobody is standing up and speaking out on this or other issues. If we the people can put aside our differences and with one voice say no.
    The problem is most are asleep and think this spyware is a good thing.

  3. More EMFs to erode our immune systems and make money for the pharmaceutical companies. Search- TAKE BACK YOUR POWER a multi award winning documentary on how this technology is infiltrating and controlling our lives and also going to cost you personally a lot of money.

  4. The creepy part is at the very end: "… offers a myriad of homeland security features". Even light poles will have NSA snooping capabilities. Great. There really will be nowhere to escape Big Brother's watching eyes. If my dog pees on a light pole will the light pole issue a warrant for my arrest?

  5. While the speakers could be used for emergency announcements, I am afraid they will quickly turn into more advertisement. Not what we need today…
    But the smart lighting is a definite way to reduce energy consumption and pays for itself in a matter of years.

  6. This is very real Haven't you gotten a red light ticket yet? Haven't you lost your job to a robot yet? If not you most likely will very soon. Would you like to know what they are going to do with the carbon units that are left unemployed? & no longer needed for societal needs. Do you think they will simply allow you to live long enough to form underground gangs like in the film soyent green? It is called Agenda 21, & you need to know about it now.

  7. Wait, @ 4:16… "Bi-directional voice communications"

    These things are eavesdropping on you as you walk by every friggin light pole? #WTF? And what was that last bit about "Homeland Security Applications" at the end?

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