Here I show how to pair the Ikea Tradfri Motion Sensor and bulbs with a Philips Hue bridge to allow motion sensing for the bulbs while still having Hue control so …


35 thoughts on “Ikea Tradfri Motion Sensor and Philips Hue”

  1. Thank you for the tip off with 'Touchlink' on 'Hue Essentials' – I had tried to parre several times via the Hue app, didn't work, Hue Essentials worked at once, saved me a lot of trouble (yeah, Ikea is at least 2 hours away!)

  2. Absolutely doesn't work for me. Connecting Trådfri bulbs to Hue works like charm, but the motion sensor doesn't. I have their newer version, I have no idea whether it syncs or not. I've tried to sync it, I have added the Trådfri bulb but once connect the motion sensor to the bulb, it becomes unreachable for the Hue.

    While Trådfri bulbs are worth buying, I can't recommend buying their motion sensor if it is supposed to be used in the Hue system.


    What a nightmare this has been to try to get working. Now I can’t even get the ikea gateway to be recognized never mind trying to get bulbs into Apple HomeKit.

    If they can’t make something that works they shouldn’t be selling it!!!

    I feel like I got screwed over by ikea and am still waiting for them to get back to me.

  4. Hello. Thanks for the video! Is it possible to connect the motion sensor to a set of lights (a room) or just one bulb? For several bulbs, does one have to do the last link procedure for every bulb?

  5. Well done and thank you Matt – that got my Ikea bulb working with my HUE Bridge v1 – the older round one. As you say, the motion sensor works outside the app and of course it's easier to budget for.

  6. If you paired the sensor to the hue bridge why do you then need to pair it again to the bulb? Surely the motion sensor is just paired to the bulb and the hue bridge is irrelevant in this setup?

  7. Hi Matt, can you please confirm you can still see/control the light in the philips hue official app after pairing it with the Ikea motion sensor? I've tried it several times but after pairing the bulb (Ikea) with the motion sensor (ikea) the bulb becomes unreachable in the phlips hue official app. Please let me know, Thanks!

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