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29 thoughts on “Eve HomeKit Lightswitch is the Best Way to Control Your Lights”

  1. Can I just power the switch without a direct load connected and when ever I push this light switch I want the eve light strip go on which is plugged in to a regular power outlet? Or would I need a smart power outlet?

  2. What if I connect this to the switch of an already HomeKit enabled bulb? If it's a smart switch, it will still cut the current from the bulb, but what I actually want when I tap on the switch is for it to communicate via HomeKit and switch the same bulb to off, not cut off its current! Is this possible? Or will it always cut off the current by default?

  3. What happens if the lights connected to this switch are smart light bulbs? Most smart bulbs I've seen lose settings (like hue/brightness) when they lose power. Can the switch be used as a button to just trigger scenes, etc?

  4. What about the range to Apple TV, in order to control far from home, I mean there's is only Bluetooth a no wifi connection, right? Is there any wall switch with both wifi and Bluetooth?

  5. Do you know of a switch that works with both homekit and Alexa? Theres times when both my watch and phone are charging in the other room and don't have siri so I like using Alexa.

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