Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling light | Review 🔥

The Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling light / lamp review. There are not many options when it comes to smart ceiling lights at the moment, and the Xiaomi …


34 thoughts on “Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling light | Review 🔥”

  1. I was wondering if there is any wall switch (bluetooth or so) that works with this light without making it offline by switching the power supply off. Does anyone know about wall switch like that? Thanks

  2. Hi, I bought this lamp and now I have a problem. It has always worked well, but now when I've moved it to another room and reconnect the cables, it doesn't work anymore.

    I try to reset from the wall switch, but it never turns on. Can you help me? Thank you

  3. WARNING this light is NOT available in Mi Home app on European servers! Note: Linking to Chinese servers makes other devices ie. Roborock vacuum non-functional!

    Question: Did anyone manage using this product as a Bluetooth Gateway in combination with YeeLight bluetooth mesh lightbulbs ?

  4. I bought another lamp for the living room, the problem when I turn on the living room lamp, the bedroom lamp goes on simultaneously. I tried to reset several times but it did not help. What should I do?

  5. Hi Martijn, the light works fine (both with the Yeelight app and with Alexa) but I'm having issues with the remote controller: I've tried the trick you show in your footage but nothing happens although the led of the controller lights up correctly. Any idea how to get roud this before getting to the conclusion that the bluetooth connectivity is not working? Cheers…

  6. Hi Martijn, if i use the lamp with an usual main switch next to my door and i turn the lamp off, i'll lose the bluetooth connection to my sensors around the apartment, right? Is there a possibility to connect a third wire to the yeelight? i try to have a permanent power connection and i'll want to use the main switch. Thanks. Vincent

  7. How did you get this to work, Hold the "ON"+"M" do NOthing with my lamp, also how did you get the "lamp" to connecting you wifi at home.. i general i can´t get this lampe to work at all.. the only thingworking is then the power is on the light is on, nothing else work. any idear.

  8. 2 questions if you don't mind: 1) does it work with your existing light switch? 2)Does the light switch needs to be permanently turned on to use the Bluetooth remote and remote via app?

  9. hello ! This model is "bright" enough for a 30m2 living room ? I am not sure if this will be enough for a livng room or it's more for bedrooms ?

  10. Your videos are great, I just notice you pronounce words that starts with V like F, for example: "fideo", "foice" , probably because this is how it's pronounced in Dutch. Please don't take this as a negative feedback. Keep it up.

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