Part 2: Start Your DIY Smart Home – Smart Lighting + Home Automation + Amazon Echo

Trying to figure out where to start your smart home.Today we are going to review Part 2 of how to start your smart home with Lighting and Switches. In Part 1 of …


16 thoughts on “Part 2: Start Your DIY Smart Home – Smart Lighting + Home Automation + Amazon Echo”

  1. Hi John, congratulations for your videos, I'm planning to start my own project of Home Automation, and I like to know if there is an integration with my security cameras, I have EZVIZ IP Cameras Installed at home. Best Regards!

  2. Hello…..I would like to know what TV mount you have there. I see it extends down over the fire place. Can you share pros and cons? The best place for my living room is over or in front of the fire place. However Im not keen on high money TVs. Thanks in advance.

  3. have to work on the hub, lighting and music are my goals right now. i will have to listen to the video and the one before this one to decide where to start thank you…

  4. Thanks again for ALL your Smart Home Videos, I now switch from SmartThings to Wink 2 and I love it so much MORE, I like the App to me that's important to be able to add codes to the door locks. I also like how you mentioned make it easy for everyone else. Thanks again !

  5. Thanks for another great video, I've been looking at a few of them multiple times. I want to start a smart home in our new house we've been in for just a month. Dumb question, can i dabble in smart "stuff" without WiFi? Unfortunately no carrier is down to our new part of the neighborhood yet so until then we use our cellphones as hot spots. Looks like they are coming soon, Telecom post installed in our yard s couple weeks ago. Eventually though I'll get a hub (still not sure which one, you seem to use Wink 2 so may copy you) but until then can I do anything, bulbs maybe? Thanks.

  6. What option do you have to control a ceiling fan in a room, but I want to control the light and the fan independent of each other if I only have a single pole switch? Something like a fan/light switch with two buttons.

  7. Hi John, thanks for Part Deux! I'll ask this here since you touched on wiring. My garage has the dual "hallway" switch but no traveler wire. We never use the switch in the garage, only the one in the house leading into the garage. Do you know if the GE switch would work by itself if I don't use an "Add-on" switch? I realize the switch in the garage might or might not work, wouldn't matter. Thanks, Flip

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