Control Any LED Light Strip With Google Home or Google Home Mini (Google Assistant)

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47 thoughts on “Control Any LED Light Strip With Google Home or Google Home Mini (Google Assistant)”

  1. me and my friend were on a discord call while he was away i screamed into my mic and said "hey Google turn on josh's lights and change the color to red" when he came back he was like "how did you change my lights to red " and i said i have my ways…

  2. I own a samsung J5, but when i open the google home app there isnt anything on the top left. I cant link LED's and Voice control match doesnt work either. Please help..

  3. Title with any LED strip. But read comment with no support with this led, no support for that led…
    So can I know what LED STRIP does it support? I confused.

  4. Great video. Thanks for making it. Any experience with RGBW WiFi adapters? The app is fine for controlling the W of the RGBW but the remote does nothing for the white diodes. Can google home access the White diodes? Any ideas anyone?

  5. When I click authorize on the website the Google home app brings me to, it says 'Successfully linked your magic home account' however, it doesn't show up in the devices list, I've tried many different things haven't worked. If anyone could help me that would be great.

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