Here is my Ultimate Smart Home Tour and Guide for all the beginners looking to get started with smart home tech. The Smart Home 2020 is different where …


33 thoughts on “Ultimate Smart Home Tour and Guide: Beginner’s Edition (2020)”

  1. What do you think about the Smart Home 2020 Beginners Edition? Which ones do you own and which were your favorite? Everything I showed in this video is linked in the description so you can start building your smarthome. Stay Tuned for the second intermediate edition!

  2. Hey Danny! I appreciate the beginner video and I am totally new at this. I do have a question for you. With the smart lock, if the power goes out would you not be able to get into your home? That is my only apprehension with that.

  3. This maybe a daft question but I am wanting to buy some Smart Plugs (Not sure which brand yet) and one of my ideas is to turn on a fan heater in my Garage. The garage is not next to my house so WiFi won't work in the garage. Will I be able to turn it on if it's not connected to WiFi?

  4. I picked up the Ring outdoor camera and was told by the sales assistant that it was compatible with Chromecast and Google Home, wish I'd have seen this beforehand

    The nest camera is amazing though and has spotlights and a 110db siren which I don't think any nest camera has.

    Its about time Amazon and Google started allowing devices to talk to one another, its stupid to try and force your customers into one ecosystem

  5. Smart lock . When there is a key inside you can not open it with key from the outside. For Europe is tado the best thermostat. With radiators valves.

  6. I am not clear on if you get a Google or Samsung hub does the cam etc then link to the hub or to your wifi?
    How about a sensor that would just tell you whether the door is locked or not? (Not wanting to or can't install a smart-doorlock.)

  7. Danny thanks for this! I'm a big believer of echo system but not going to ignore some of the other benefits. I'm big on Apple since I moved that way due to their echo system. I'm however open because despite liking the apple echo system for the most part there are some negatives! How much testing/experience if any do you have what the Apple echo system? Thanks again for your time and effort putting this together for all of us! Scott

  8. I bought some Lifx Bulb because they looked fun. I didn't know anything about them besides what the box said. A month later and my entire house is now Lifx Bulbs (small place, only need about 13-14), a Google Hub and a Google Nest Mini. Im interested in getting a smart lock and the Google Nest Protect next.

  9. Using a legrand light switch, while you can dim the lights, will not allow you to change the color temperature of white bulbs , or the color of RGB bulbs, and of course , you lise the possibilty of controlling the bulbs individually.

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