They’re your two top choices for connected color control, but which smart bulb is best? Time for these two LEDs to duke it out. Watch more Smart Home reviews: …


28 thoughts on “Philips Hue vs. Lifx: A color-changing smart home showdown”

  1. Having bought bulbs and strips for both the Lifx and Hue systems, it was immediately apparent to me that I am in fact… a Lifx man. Their lights fill the room with vibrant and wildly customizable colors. The strip is gorgeous especially when displaying multiple colors. Full intensity white is BRIGHT! No connection issues to report yet. I wanted to like it but the light from the Hue barely hit the ceiling from the bed. Very muted in comparison and not nearly as poppin' phresh.

  2. How does it work with multiple occupants ie. If Jack was in the kitchen and then Jill entered would this affect the light? If Jack was to leave the room again would this affect the light while Jill remains in the kitchen? Is there a limit of how many people can control a bulb? Also how does this work with the manual light switch? If the manual switch was off could the light be activated with just the app?

  3. lifx is a piece of crap. Probably why you cant buy it retail. No retailer would carry this piece of crap. these lights (and I've been through 2 different models) Continuously disconnect from Wi-fi. I'd have to turn the lamps off and on again to get it to connect again. But waiting for them to connect on their own? forget it! Phillips HUE? Problem solved. The people at Lifx kept telling me it was by internet and I told them BULLS**t. my internet is very powerful with Eero hubs everywhere. Extremely strong signal everywhere. Obviously their technology is flawed and they have not fixed it. doesn't help to connect these lights to anything if your constantly losing the wifi connection. don't bother with these and go Philips HUE.!

  4. I’ve decked out my home in Phillips hue simply because of the company, Phillips is well known to be the industry standard for all lighting. Where as lifx is kinda new and unknown for now

  5. I recently got 2 hue bulbs and I love them, dont see how anyone would need them any brighter or the colous more saturated than you get with those.
    Besides, you can add more affordable bulbs or strips to your setup as you go.
    Lastly, there is a number of apps that you can use to control your lights, that offer more features than the basic hue app does
    That kind of flexibility makes the hue a winner in my opinion

  6. LifX is so much better than Hue. It cannot be that big youtubers advertise hue so much simply because of homekit. I have an iPhone X but even I can admit Siri is garbage as a smart assistant. I love my iPhone but keep Alexa in charge of my smart home.

  7. Holy fuk dis is confusing. Idk what smart bulb i should buy. Lifx has a better app and brightness but philips hue lightstrip is great for backlighting a tv using ambilight. Cuz i want all of my smart lights to sync for my gaming setup. Guys pls help.

  8. The fact that your using siri as a assistant makes me sad, if you have the money to buy a overpriced aluminium block with a screen I think you can spend 50 dollars on a google home or alexa

  9. I work overnights and I'm looking for a lighting solution that can produce sunset and sunrise hues at any time. I prepared sooner cheap rgb bulbs in Amazon and cannot get this setup to work correctly. Can someone please tell me of a solution that they know will work. Thank you

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