Read the CNET review: The color-changing Lifx Plus connected LED emits invisible infrared light when it’s dark out. You can’t see that …


13 thoughts on “New from Lifx: Night vision light bulbs for the smart home”

  1. infrared light capability to use light invisible to the eye..
    long term connection with your home wifi..
    it’s a light bringer. a light bringer! it illuminates you!
    it’s just another brick in the wall for the illuminati. just another hypnotic trance inducing degree of control. if you can control your illumination from anywhere, so can they.
    and they are using the light you paid for to make sure you stay dumb and quiet by scrambling your emotions with light patterns. it’s literally lighting the way for surveillance of people at all times. resist the carnal desire for neat gadgets for the devil is never far behind.

    it really is cool tho. i’m all about the sunrise simulator alarm. no better way to wake up.

  2. Every light in our home has been converted to LED. Of course, I can't speak for everyone but where I'm located Home Depot is the best place. Lately, all the LED's we've purchased have been "daylight" bulbs.

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