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44 thoughts on “Adding A Neutral Wire To A Light Switch – How To”

  1. I need to add a neutral wire to a light switch in order to install an electronic low-voltage dimmer for a ceiling light that buzzes and is driving me MAD. I recently installed a Lutron CL dimmer to control a ceiling light fixture in which I have two Philips 12W dimmable LEDs. They buzz like crazy. I've done some research as to why LEDs buzz (even when using an LED-compatible dimmer switch and high-quality dimmable LEDs) and the fix comes down to replacing the dimmer with an ELV dimmer — which unfortunately requires a neutral wire, which my light switch box doesn't have. There is an electrical outlet on the same wall as the switch, but running wire might be beyond my skill level… This video helped me understand the concept of a neutral wire though.

  2. Unfortunately the Lutron Switches without a neutral don’t work with HomeKit or other smart home apps without their bridge.

    Good video and excellent explanation, though!

  3. Good video. I have a switched outlet which mean dimmers aren't allowed. Just aa a heads up, it looks like C by GE works without a neutral and doesn't require a hub of people want an alternative to the lutron.

  4. Ok….question…i have two switches side by side. One turns on the fireplace and one turns on an outlet above the fireplace. The side that powers the outlet has a neutral wire and the one for the fireplace (of course the one i want to install a smart switch for) does not have a neutral. They are on the same circuit from the breaker box. Can I just splice into the neutral wire on the side for the outlet or do I need to have an electrition wire a whole new one?

  5. This was way easier than i though it would be, thanks bro!

    I'm about to build my first house, i'm still stuck on the design, because i want to make it as smart as Steven H. this was giving me a headache.

    Pd. if you have any tip around to consider, i would be twice as happy, i'm planning in using Ring products, as the door bell cam, the security system (even when it doesn't work in Costa Rica, or at least the police and public services buttom), and also their cameras, i want to get alexas all over the house, so i can control all the house in and out.

    It's gonna be a little house, but a smart one.

    Thanks again, your videos are really gonna come handy in this process, that for me, it's gonna be the best of my life.

  6. All my switches accept the garage have neutral wires in my house. But i want a smart switch in there, any of the no neutral wire switches you recommend work with the Kasa app? I only want to use one app basically.. what can you recommend?

  7. This vid came in VERY handy. After checking a couple exterior switches and two in my master bed I choose Kasa/tp-link since they all had neutrals. Then I go to install my living room switch… no neutral!! …dumb me figured I'd be good since my first four installs had neutrals. Thanks for the idea of running one from my lights. Luckily, my living room switch shares a wall with my garage which was a no brainer to open up. Coffee on me!

  8. Hello Sir. I am from the Philippines and we only have 2 wires, basically a positive and negative (interchangeable). I wish to install a Smart Fan (wifi) Switch which have 3 terminals: 1. for the live wire, 2. the load wire going to the fan and 3. A terminal for a neutral wire also going to the fan. I am assuming that the neutral wire is the negative wire which I can just do a parallel going to the switch and going to the fan. Please help me. Thank you.

  9. Please help with where in the world to get a smart switch that doesn't require all four wires, (including a neutral wire.)
    I've checked Lowe's, Home Depot, City Mill, Best Buy, Macy's, and Ace Hardware and ALL smart switches require all four wires, ground, load, neutral & switch

  10. can i use lutron for an outlet, not for a light bulb ? outlet versus lightbulb? any difference? i only have one hot wire coming in from the breaker box to 2nd floor

  11. James – great video – thank you. I know you mentioned Caseta. I have a RadioRA2 system and would like to add smart switches for a 3-way light. But my undestanding is that the RadioRA2 switches require a neutral – do you know if that is correct? Can I use the Caseta switches instead? Thanks!

  12. Nice video, informative and it hit on my oddity which is I dont want to Smart switch a light, I want to Smart switch the On/Off to my ceiling fan and a Smart (No_Neutral) switch wouldn't work in my case. To work, I need to run a neutral. (insert groan)

  13. I have no neutral wire and I have a ceiling fan with light. I just want an ON/OFF Smart Switch. All I find need a neutral wire. I am currently using a Caseta Dimmer Switch and do not use the fan at all because it is a Dimmer switch but I would like to.

  14. Thank you for the great video. This was exactly what I was looking for to wire in my new smart switch. Luckily the neutral for the light was wired to an outlet in the same box as the light switch so it was a simple splice in to get my switch working.

  15. Excellent explanation. However, those "non-neutral" wire wall switches use a complicated workaround to set up power for the wifi unit and could potentially create problems on its own.

  16. Question. Just got a new house and in my 3 way switches only one box has neutral wires with a cap on it. Do I have to add one to the other box to make my smart switches work?

  17. Just to add: Caseta Wireless Smart FAN Speed Control DOES require a neutral, no way around that one that I'm aware of! but as you have promoted, GO CASETA LIGHT SWITCHES!!

  18. Thanks for a good explanation of the neutral wire. I used to do theatrical lighting many years ago. At that time there wasn't a neutral wire, only the Load, what we called Negative and the Ground wire system.
    Have a good week and stay safe.

  19. I have a switch with a oulet in the same box. Im installing a vent fan light blutooth speaker unit can i attach the neutral to the neutral in the outlet in the same box and attach the red wire to the load side and the black to the hot side would this work ?

  20. The setup instructions for the Lutron Bridge state you connect it to your router. Would I be able to connect the bridge in a room in a more central location to an Xfinity Pod. I have seen some DIY guys on youtube indicate you can but I prefer hearing it from a pro.

  21. Cheaper to add the wire. When I can get a light switch for 30 instead of 60 + hub I'll go ahead and just run a wire. Very informative though thanks. I just needed to figure out which wire to in the ceiling.

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