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38 thoughts on “Philips HUE LED Lighting System Review”

  1. Don't be so sure about the claims regarding the longevity of LED lighting. I've already had one Phillips lamp fail after a few tens of hours use. They still have a lot of thermal management issues which 'ages' the electronics faster than normal. I'm not convinced LED lighting is reliable enough to justify the price yet.

  2. well it has a nice shape, it is brighter than the fluorescent 40 watt I had how ever you cannot get a pure blue regardless of what you see in the video. I have them I emailed Phillips and no you cant get blue, because they wanted a good white light. Here is the email I got
    In order to deliver the best quality light, we had to develop the Hue this way.

    We are sorry that you are disappointed.

    Best regards,
    Philips Lighting
    End User [2014-01-06 14:37:35]
    I have DJ lights that can produce any color and have a bright white they have red, bue and green leds I thought it was pretty much the same thing.
    Customer Support [2014-01-06 13:54:50]
    Dear Ron Denka,

    Thank you for contacting Philips Lighting.

    The Hue bulbs do not produce highly saturated cyan color (between blue and green in the remote control), since the bulbs mix blue and lime that produces a high brightness low saturated blue.

    Due to combination of LEDs used in hue to produce the best quality light we can only create very pale cyan colors.

    This limitation is a result of the hardware light engine and it is not possible to address in software nor is it planned to create a hue bulb without this limitation as it would reduce the quality of the white light achieveable.

    The approach we have chosen is to give a consistent light output and temperature, regardless of the color chosen. We could have opted to show some colors better, but then the overall experience across white, tunable white and all the colors of the rainbow would not be consistent. In our home placement tests, it was clearly preferred by our users to have a homogenous light distribution and perception. As hue is to provide great functional white light, our main delivery was exactly to provide that and to top that with tunable white and colors of the rainbow.

    Hope that I have addressed your question.

    Best regards , Philips Lighting

  3. check out f.lux to warm up your computer screen and your hue bulbs at night.
    your monitor will look more natural, and will finally MATCH your lights!

    f.lux is free, please tell other people about this, thanks!

  4. Just for a mildly different perspective, I'm thinking of investing in these because I'm a student and I have a hard time waking and sleeping completely off schedule with sunrise. It would be an awesome cue if my lights dimmed and then turned off around 9pm, and then lit and then turned bright at 5am. Yano?

  5. The problem I found being in the UK is that not all my light sockets are screw fit, but I think this is going to be great for my nursery as well as being able to turn the lights on & off whiles away from the house, great video very informative

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