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  1. i have commented before however I think this comments is appropriate. My new home was finished June 11, 2020. It is a four level luxury Townhome in a southern metro area. I am 63 and this is my last home. I considered myself quite the Home Automation/Smart Home DIYer. This was the first time in my life, I could prewire a home prior to drywall. My home automation system is Control4, shades are Screen Innovation (SI) Rechargeable Nano Boxes, Five TV's, Four plus audio zones, Zigbee Deadbolts, Video Door Bell (Control4 Door Station 2), all light switches replaced with Control4 ZigBee lights. The list goes on, my system was in excess of $65,000.00. If I could do this all over again, I would have absolutely had this company do a professional wiring diagram. It would have been worth every single penny. Instead, I thought I was so smart because I read all the blogs. Don't get me wrong, my system works perfectly. However, i got got lucky. I could have been very unlucky. Word of advice to everyone that wants to install a serious system, "Pre-Wiring is as important as the equipment you select." Thank you to you for doing this video, I hope folks take you up on your pre-wiring plans.

  2. I want to say a huge thank you to you guys. I re-watched this video about 10 times before pre-wiring my home in 2020. I wired for Network, Audio, Security, utilities and a bit of misc. This is easily the best video I could find, even in 2020. You guys are great!

  3. This is a great video that stresses the importance of running at least two cat 6 cables to each location for data and video. I hate when people run only one cable to each location just because they aren't planning on having a second device. You never know when you're gonna need the extra port

  4. great info, i have replaced knob and tube as complete fishing expeditions then added network capabilities. this checklist is definitely going into my redo on homes. Thank you. much easier to do it early and not need it than to not do it and have to go fishing.

  5. I've been doing a lot of research about this but I have a long way to go. So Cat 6 can be used for security and network purposes. But Cat 7 and Cat 8 is out there now. Are those only for faster bandwidth speeds or can they be used throughout the home as well? I liked one of the other comments stating that the security cameras should always be wired. Makes so much more sense especially in the long run.

  6. Hello, really appreciate the video. My Wife and I are building our home and I plan to run 4xcat6 to each tv location. One question I have is How to pick or find the correct hdmi balun for my 2xcat6 video. A lot of what I am seeing is 1xcat6 and I dont believe future proofs or even meets my current needs for 4k. Could you point me to a hdmi balun? Thanks

  7. Have you started to see home owners not include coax every where. I bet so. I have a spool and will run it but wont terminate it in a jack. Just behind the Ethernet wall plate. Or should i not even do that. Just run the wires every where and leave and mark it. But don't cut out wall plates. I bet some rooms wont every utilize a hard wire. Wifi is for most. And just make a note some where that its behind the wall in a specific spot.

    I do plan for a theater with every wire imaginable and conduit. Gobs of speaker wires 11.2 or crazy atmos some day. And fiber to projector or just conduit as well. Fiber whole house, not so much. Lots of overhead, connectors and switches are pricey.

    Great channel, thanks for the tips.

  8. Nice short outline. In renovating older homes, the first thing I start with is having the old electrical panel replaced with a minimum 200A panel and adding/replacing any circuit breaker panels in outbuildings/detached garages. Then I can work from those panels to add new circuits.

  9. Wifi 6 and / or 5G will definitely do a lot of the 'heavy lifting'. You might need to wire in WiFi access points but they're easily wired in later if ceiling mounted. Wifi can definitely handle TV, whole home audio and touchscreens. Wiring your surround sound is good but you're stuck with one room configuration so you could look at wireless for that too. Just make sure your security system is wired.

  10. Thank you for your video.  Short story, I have a luxury four story town house being built in Birmingham, Alabama.  Over a year ago, prior to signing papers, I established my concern that the electrician and the home automation company work together.  I requested CAT6 wires over CAT5.  And may other pre-design and construction items related to Home Automation.  The builder did none of that and I put the brakes on any insolation and dry wall being up until a Home Automation company did a wiring design.  I share this to everyone reading.  Really important to insist on coordination to save time, money, effort and aggravation. Thanks again.

  11. With the amount of data needed for 4K and 8K Video at fast frame rate like the Gamers want it, and to future proof your house then Fiber Optic cable all the way.

  12. great video except don't encourage CAT5 unless it is a retro-fit. In a new install CAT5 will not be able to carry the higher RES formats over long distance (it possibly can over multiple cables with specific transmitter/receiver hardware). Cat6e is expensive but will reliably deliver 4K and 8K (within reasonable distance).. Future proof your designs with home installs.. They very rarely allow you to re-run cables to meet future needs!

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