Audio Advice is one of the few companies in the country that carries all 3 of the big brands in smart home systems (Control4, Crestron, and Savant), which leads …


34 thoughts on “Which Smart Home System is Best? (Control4, Crestron, Savant)”

  1. I have a hard time seeing how not buying smart bulbs, smart shades, smart cameras that all have respective apps from your phone are any worse than paying for a customized solution.

  2. As I can read:
    Crestron est le plus décevant système.
    J’ai 2 résidences avec Crestron et la connection a toujours été un véritable problème. Depuis plus de 10 ans .
    J’ai aussi un système Control4 qui est mieux pour la connexion .
    Le grand problème semble le support . On fait affaire avec un intégrateurs qui n’a pas la structure pour donner un service après-vente .
    Crestron est le pire des 2 .

  3. C4 – dissappointed customer. Expensive, clunky, not supported, hopeless dealer network that need to charge $$$$every time the C4 system goes on the fritz or needs modification. Only user solutions offered is to reset the breaker to re-boot the system. After install immediately obsolete. Feels like they take pride in stiffing their customers!

  4. I have Crestron, I think it is rubbish . It is always glitchy and software outdates quickly and basic upgrades are expensive. If you consider yourself an Audiophile or Av enthusiast who seeks the best picture and best sound move on!

  5. Oh yes these companies have technology that is better than Samsung, Google or Apple. (Sarcasm) I do like Lutron light switches but used with Samsung Smartthings or another open source smart home hub like Hubitat or Home Assistant and a voice assistant lik Google Home or Apples Siri or Amazon Alexa. The companies in this video cant comepete with open source hubs like Samsungs smartthings…when you consider that Samsung makes so many things like Fridges or TVs that are designed to work with its Samsung Smartthings the seamless compatibility issues become clear. Then your cell phone and tablets are probably a Samsung or Apple, so wouldn't the Samsung or Apple hub be the logical choice? Your tablets and phone are how you watch cameras and do everything or use these other companies remote control to work with Samsung or Apple…
    Wont be as seamless…
    Start with Samsung Smartthings hub or Hubitat hub. Both are powerful and support lots of device makers including all the major ones. Both are use friendly, simple and easy to learn but if you or someone in the home has the desire for more functions these hubs offer far more powerful features and the ability to take home automation to the limit of your imagination especially for those who like to tinker.

  6. I am actually building a course that will be attended by many of the top realtors in luxury markets around the country and think this is one of the best explainer videos I have seen on the topic. Could I please have permission to use this video in the course, we will, of course, provide your accreditation. Thank you. Craig Grant

  7. I am in the AV/Smart Home industry. This is a very scary topic to put out in a video on the internet representing a company. I don’t live in the North Carolina area as I am in PA.
    But how he explain it was extremely professional and good information.

    If you are in the NC area…. and being in the industry… these guys are legit.
    Or he (himself) is a extremely well rehearsed. But still… if he is then I would gather the team is as well. Personally, I favor toward Control4 assuming the dealer is on point. And dealers matter… important…. dealers matter regardless.

    Well done. If I decide to move to NC – I would want to work for this company.
    Excellent video. Congrats.

  8. these systems are dated as hell. you can see they are really trying to push a dying automation solution. My solution i am prototyping has facial recognition, AI , azure IoT and more. you guys are so far behind the ball now. this is top of the line early 2000's automation. We 2019 bro, move with the tech or get left behind.

  9. i'm sorry to tell you that your crestron ui looks incredibly dated and clunky. i've no doubt the programming behind it works absolutely fine, but man those iphone 3 icons and giant buttons everywhere would have me very disappointed if i had to look at them every day after paying crestron money for a system

  10. I thought this was a true comparison of the newer OS3 and the actual interface, Not just another sales ad using outdated over priced confusing panels and ridiculous integration. These days, you can easily setup and entire smart home with far less than these bloated products. Wifi and Streaming with IP control is really all you need, especially if you don't need to watch the same Apple TV on every screen at once.( No Overpriced 4k switcher needed. ) With the advent of 4k streaming included with every TV on the market and PoE speakers, it's easy to integrate whole home audio using and iPAD or smart phone. I'd much rather offer my customer a better screen and speakers vs. a hugely expensive control system. These companies think that they are the only game in town! We'll that game has changed.

  11. Had Control 4 fitted for a couple of years now and in the main the system works and does it's job. However, we have quite a few rooms where we've never used the system, a few of the remotes have developed a fault with the screen going really dim even on it's highest setting. This is a known fault with quite a few customers complaining about this issue. I contacted the dealer and even though the remotes in question never have being used and it being a known issue Control 4 won't replace them due to the warranty period. I find the warranty stance by Control 4 on a known issue to be ridiculous. After spending over 100k on a system I would have expected Control 4 to replace units that have a know fault.

  12. Control4 – Inexpensive, easy to maintain, easy to install.
    Savant – Expensive, elegant devices, fantastic app, best for luxury properties.
    Crestron – For large property Crestron is the most suitable automation technology. Very hard to program, but if you can find an experienced dealer there should not be any problem. Don't forget to tell your Crestron dealer to hand over source code after the contract ends. Put it in the contract.

  13. This video was put together all wrong. Music needs to be way lower or not at all. You don't want to put people in alpha state when you explain things. That's why you have a high view count with a low interaction ratio. You are putting people's brains to sleep.

  14. I guess it does have to do with who your integrator is because the Crestron system at my job really sucks. They spent easily over 250K to 300K and shit just not working as it should. They got fed-up and finally dumped their ass. I believe they’re now stuck trying to find one who can handle such a complicated system. I have Control4 at home and I’m extremely happy with the system.😊 from my experience. It seems that most people are going with Savant or Control4 at home. A few dealers- friends of mind are even saying they prefer Savant or Control4.

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