Here is my 2019 version of Ultimate Smart Home Tour Everyday Edition. This is smart home tech and smart home setup I am using everyday and can’t live …


35 thoughts on “Ultimate Smart Home Tech Tour: Everyday Edition 2.0 (2019)”

  1. Great content. 🙌🏾👏🏾How do you make your Samsung SmartThings Hub connect all devices in your house? Some of my devices are in rooms far from the Hub and as a result not connecting. 😡

  2. It will be a bit uncomfortable to have someone always looking at me when i walk into my front door 🚪, knows what time i come home at night knows who come in and out my house it may be safe for some people but for me i odd to have someone you dont know always monitoring my cameras.

  3. If you have a switchbot…I will be asking someone on youtube to show how to make a toilet flush without touching handle( COVID-19) flushing with the wave of the hand in front of the door or just ask Alexa/Google to flush..No ugly wires hanging from the toilet..

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