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38 thoughts on “Philips Outdoor smart lights review – bollard & spotlight”

  1. There are many hue alternative apps, some are useless some are good, feel more user-friendly and understandable than philips own app, but philips hue apps is best for firmware update. From alternatives i recommend iConnectHue, some options are in-app purchase, but developer getting paid means he can continue improving and adding functions and longterm support. Most brilliant feature is iOS widget editor for easy light control. And scheduling worked flawlessly once configured in iConnectHue

  2. Hey there. I was wondering if you or someone figure it out how to deal with the schedule, I am having the same issue with my new outdoor lights. Any suggestion , Advise will be appreciated

  3. These have been listed as "sold out" for months. Any insight into why they aren't available? I've sent them inquiries with no response. I pre-ordered, but my order was abruptly cancelled.

  4. Erin, why aren't you in broadcasting? You absolutely have a reporter voice. The only thing I would have changed about your video is maybe incorporate a bit more dog. Having a puppy in the shot humanizes you a bit more. Especially since dogs are animals…

  5. Great work by our fellow Canadian blogger! I have the Hue for a year and enjoy the set up, wishing this outdoor would be cheaper to extend the colorful lighting around the house. Thank you for the video, only thing I do notice the audio is not consistence and the outdoor humming sound; if you can improve that I'm sure the experience of this video will be more engaging! Keep up the good work. #Vancouverfilmmaker.

  6. Thanks for a great review with a lot of information. Two Months down the track and how are you going with the timer settings? I'm using the indoor strip lights, love them, enough to light up my small flat, and I've never had it so good! They work with my google home (via an IFTTT applet) very well. Now I'm looking at the outdoor lights and your review was very helpful with that.

  7. It’s way cheaper to buy the outdoor spots and then buy the Phillips bulb to fit inside it. I bought the spot for £12 each and the hue bulb to fit in it for £20 white or £49 colour.

  8. If you have samsung smart things, it might be able to work with the schedule. We use smart things for light schedule and it works every time. We pre-ordered the bollard and it says mid July, we should be able to get it, but its almost September, and we still don’t have it. 🙁

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