What are the best RGB smart lights – Philips Hue or LIFX? Both make your setup look AMAZING, but which should you buy? Join PC Centric for the full review …


41 thoughts on “Philips Hue VS LIFX Review – What Are The BEST Smart Lights?”

  1. Having bought bulbs and strips for both the Lifx and Hue systems, it was immediately apparent to me that I am in fact… a Lifx man. Their lights fill the room with vibrant and wildly customizable colors. The strip is gorgeous especially when displaying multiple colors. Full intensity white is BRIGHT! No connection issues to report yet. I wanted to like it but the light from the Hue barely hit the ceiling from the bed. Very muted in comparison and not nearly as poppin' phresh.

  2. I find that LifX have a better deeper saturation overall, but Phillips Hue has the Hue Sync for HDMI which is mind blowing when synced with movies. The TV colors just blast all over the walls creating a very immersing experience…..blows me away every time, but there had been some connectivity issues which appeared to have been corrected with a software update tonight (March 6, 2020). fingers crossed….

  3. I love the brightness of the lifex lights and LED strips. but the pain of them not working all the time was not worth it, it ruined the experience.Its unfortunate because the LED strips by life look way better than Hue, but they also have a weak gel that breaks apart and is very delicate. I would rather have hue lights that work 100% of the time and be less bright and only one color per strip.

  4. These smart lights all require leaving the socket switched on, does anyone know if this consumes power all the time or does the app actually cut the (I want to say wired connection but clearly it wont) power consumption?

  5. If you really want a bridge sort of thing you can use a mini router and connect all your WIFI devices to it.

    This can fix the whole overloading/bandwidth that many people have when using WIFI devices.

  6. I used to have Philips Strips under my bed, just switched to LIFX because they are controllable strips, where the Phillips only allow one color at a time

  7. I use lifx, and am very pleased with the ease of use and saturation of the colour. The 1100 lumens brightness of the larger lifx bulb is a considerably and noticeably brighter rating than the mini, and the Phillips Hue alternatives. However one key consideration would be the shapes and therefore wideness or narrowness of angle of light from the different bulbs available. For my use the LIFX Mini is in this way superior to the flat styles when using the type of lamps and shades that benefit from a wider illumination. I use apple homekit which works well with both these systems but supports few of the cheaper alternatives.

  8. I'm team Rooter!

    Also, I find with the LifX app, if you set your bulbs with day dusk cycle, it overwrites the current colour/light setting. Also, no way to set certain colours throughout the day.

  9. It"s nice to see Lifx on here getting user feedback. Too bad I am heavily invested in the hue environment. I find their app extremely poor and almost pure junk. Many a times I've wanted to throw my system into the nearest abyss. If you update to their new hub, plan on redoing your system setup all over again. With over 20+ lights, no way. Son in law just bought a starter system and can't control his lights away from home. Rendering system almost useless for its purpose. I refuse to update app and can't control lights away from home, can't edit system. Btw, son in law has latest app.

  10. I've been searching for a recent review because I move next week and am trying to decide between the two brands. Thanks! You review really helped. I'll be going with the Philips Hue.

  11. Look at the price of LIFX GU10's then tell me why I shouldn't have just gone for IKEA GU10's at 7 quid a go that work perfectly with Hue? I like LIFX but the price of those is eye watering

  12. I use Philips Hue light bulbs myself. I currently have 25 Philips Hue light bulbs plus a string of Xmas lights and a lava lamp, all running on the Hue Hub. Both systems have good and not so good aspects. I use Google Home to control my lights. I also enjoy making changes and adding new products to Google Home and the Hue Hub. It helps to keep my mind engaged and active.

    I enjoyed your video, too. Thanks!

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