The Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box allows you to create the ULTIMATE Surround Lighting Setup. If you’re looking to do the same for your home here’s a list of …


48 thoughts on “AMAZING Home Theater Philips Hue Surround Lighting Setup!”

  1. Armando, Your video sold me on this product when I first saw this video. I've been on the lookout for an addressable lighting product for the TV for the past 5 years. Glad Philips jumped on this and developed a finessed product. It looks spectacular and has elevated the home theatre experience to a whole new level.

  2. Armando, great video. So i emailed philips customer support regarding a setup I'm trying to build, mainly asking about in which cases hue play is more recommended than a hue strip. Also, once you pick the strip, can you teach the hue strip to recognize what is top what is bottom etc, because that would be pretty important running it with a sync box, correct me if I'm wrong please

  3. Nice Video and one Question about the HUE LAMPS: I experience Banding / Flickeringwhen filming (PAL 50HZ) and Shutter 1/50 with my HUE Lamps when they are around 30-60%, when they are on max Power 100% is much less, also trying a shutter of 1/25 fixes a bit more but does not eliminate it completely, any solution?

  4. I always turn off the lights in my room when watching movies , so I could enjoy and concentrate on the show. The same thing in cinema they turn off the lights when the movie about to start. This product may seem to be a good idea until you realize how distracting it is.

  5. Hey Armando how’s it going? I’m wondering if this will work with my 4K hdr10 projector that I have hooked up to a onkyo receiver and Panasonic ub820? My 4K player is connected to my receiver and receiver to projector.

  6. Thanks, Armando, for reviewing and highlighting products that the average person can access or purchase. I think so many of us get turned off by YouTubers who showcase million dollar rigs, or come at us from exotic locations most couldn’t afford to dream about, and they come across as out of touch. You’ve kept it real, and I thank you for that.

  7. I checked it out when it hit the markets and it's completely useless for me, everything I'm watching is already on my smart TV, like YouTube, Netflix or Amazon prime.

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