27 thoughts on “Type S Plug & Glow – LED Smart Lighting For Your Vehicle”

  1. Is there a way to control the smart hub led strips and the dome light in the same group. In the app it’s two different screens. Would be nice to control them together. Can’t use any of the pulse or fade or any features but glow because the dome light and strips are out of sync.

  2. I bought mine a while back hard wired it in my car and they worked just fine until I got a new phone now it won’t connect with Bluetooth or even turn on is there a way I could reset it to make it work again

  3. The first 2 weeks I loved it now I can't get it to connect to my app it connect s and pairs on Bluetooth but when I open the app it lights up smart led kit then I click on it and it don't change or show the little colord dots on the car overview in the main page of the app I have reinstalled the app numerous times it will not fix

  4. how do you even install them and get them to work? i purchased the 48" smart lighting delux kit and followed the instructions exactly, even the autozone employees could not get them to work. we tried two seperate kits incase first one was faulty. .

  5. How does the app deal with multiple smart hubs? Will it only connect to one, control both at once, etc? I dont want to power all these lights off a single cigarette lighter.

  6. These worked good when I initially installed them. I got a new phone and when I connect to the HUB it wont work. It shows it as all my colors are blue and they don't function to any changes I make in the app. Is there a way I can reset the HUB or anything?

  7. Also turned out great on my bike, but can you please add a few additional features to the app which allow you to customize the color changing patterns and random effects to use selected colors instead of the entire range. Or have it changing colors through those specific ranged while strobing, blinking, fading, etc..

  8. Hi, I have all four used in my interior but I was wondering if it's possible to put more of them in the wheel well area but is it possible to use the same Bluetooth connector or how would I be able to use eight of them at one time and still be able to control them individually?

  9. lights are cool and i love them, however, i put them on yesterday and at times i cant get the lights to turn off.even if im standing right in front of them my phone wont operate the controller. other times from 30 feet away it does fine. the only thing that seems to work is to pull the fuse and reset the light system. this is a problem though because i have to pull my seat to do it. any suggestions ?

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