LIFX bulbs are simply the best damn smart lights out there and today I’m giving you a full tutorial on how to set them up and transform your boring second …


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  1. I have a smart Bulb it’s a kasao bulb I wish I had a lifx bulb but they are way too expensive I’m 14 and I get paid and I got 2 for 20$ and they are bright it’s a good deal when I get older I get some but smartlife is just as good I wish I can control the white setting though I like warm white better

  2. maybe I didn't see it, but how do you change or delete a group you've already made and also, how do you make them go off at 6am and come back on at 5pm outside.. no one really gives an in depth way to do that.. it would be very helpful

  3. David, I've been with you since PC classes online. You continue to be an excellent tutor. Thank you for making life easier through your superb tutorials for the non tech Mac users like myself. I'm late to the party with my single Lifx Bulb. Because of your easy to follow tutorial, my man cave is a more inviting place to work. Thank you so much my friend.

  4. thank you for the tutorial. the app is pretty cluttered at first and hard to use and navigate.. it's a little easier now. i think you have the only tutorial for the app, that i have seen. any chance you can do a more indepth tutorial? i just bout the tiles to work alongside my hues, and i want to get the most out of them.

  5. I do own a few of the lifx bulbs. I do like this product it's pretty decent but yes I do know that it is very difficult to connect. I recently purchased the Alexa DOT. I discovered that there were other Amazon / Alexa products that I have purchased that were much easier to connect to my network then the lifx bulbs are. For example the plugs that I bought that work with Alexa are as simple as on the back of the plug there is a QR code that you scan using the app then after scanning you plug the plug into an existing Outlet. Once you do this and power goes through it the app will make you select your Wi-Fi network from your phone then once the smart plug connects directly to your phone using Wi-Fi then the plug will turn itself off and then the app will make you find your Wi-Fi network from your router then you enter the password then next then the smart plug will search and once it recognizes the code that you scanned everything will match up and then your smart plug will turn itself off and then back on And from that point you are connected. It would be nice if lifx could put a little QR code on the side or bottom of the different lights so all you would have to do is scan the QR code and it would be as easy as 1 2 3. Another thing would be as if lifx had different styles of bulbs such as let's say you have a chandelier and you don't want a regular old looking bulb in that. you could have some lights that would look like a flame or decorative so that they would match different types of Lighting systems. I will have to say that the lights when it comes to price or a little high for what you are paying for. Yes I do know that the light can change to multiple colors but it doesn't always feel like it's as easy to set the colors four different modes for example I want to be able to how certain colors saved so I can always turn certain lights back to specific color and when I say that I want the light to be purple it seems like the settings are much different when using the lifx app versus the Alexa app. another feature that I noticed is that in the lifx app it doesn't give you the option to be able to speak what you want Intuit and I think there are problems between the lifx app and the lifx bulbs and the Alexa DOT and app. another thing I noticed is that when you turn lights on and off in the Alexa app Or on the. Using your voice it seems like the. Does not always connect to your lights in real time. it seems as well that I've noticed that there are problems where the lights don't connect to your network / router. I do wish that lifx app had the ability to allow you to connect either your music player on your phone or your Spotify or an online radio station and it would allow the music to play directly to the lights so when you have different beats the phone or the app does not have to listen Over the air like it does now.

  6. Thanks for the insight in the programming, I bought one with 4 on order. Crazy cool bulbs, amazing you can control with your home control system, google home, Amazon dot, this is so much easier than the Phillips hugh system. Didn't realize I can control over the internet! So great! There are so many cool options with this system. Think this is the greatest lighting inexpensive system that really changes the dynamics of the place and mood. Two Thumbs up!

  7. One important tip about the effects. You have to keep the LifX app open in order for them to work. If you exit out of the app (no icons showing on your notification bar), then you turn off the effects. The effects are driven by the app on the phone, not the lights. Took me a while to figure this out.

  8. I think so far I've spent over a grand on these, they ARE the best hands down. Ever since I've had mine it's been an adventure, a very big part of my life now, like I really can't see myself going back to regular bulbs.

  9. I have them and they are awesome. They weren't that hard to set up on my android device but I can see why some people would struggle a bit, my dad wouldn't have a clue but that's why videos like this are so good.

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