In the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class the optional high-resolution MULTIBEAM LED headlamps automatically illuminate the road with a hitherto unsurpassed, …


31 thoughts on “Headlamps in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class: MULTIBEAM LED”

  1. New headlamp bulb sir? Multibeam LED? Half the chips Blown? No, its not repairable, that will be a mere €3000 for a complete new lamp, and it will need programming to the car, which no-one can do except us.

  2. Mercedes: *Makes low and high beam at the same time. Calling "Multibeam" system.*
    United States: sorry, we don't understand how it works, we can't let you sell your system, it's not safe.

  3. i have seen other car manufacturers' headlights technology but by far Mercedes Benz is the most confusing. One critic that i have is that Benz headlights does not have a wide aperture such as the BMW has.

  4. These light technologies should be mandated on all cars. How can you commoditize something as an inalienable right to safety like this? It's a massive conspiracy to weed out the less fortunate. These cars with advanced lighting systems will surely have advanced collision avoidance so even if an inferior motor vehicle causes an accident, these drivers of luxury on wheels will simply avoid the chaos and be safe while others will suffer the consequences. Not very dissimilar to the rich being able to jump queues for doctor visits and better health care.

  5. These headlamps will certainly be smarter than some of your drivers. Finally the car will lower the beems on oncoming vehicles as the drivers have been too 🤬🤬🤬 to give a damn. Great work Merc keep it up.

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