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25 thoughts on “Philips Hue Outdoor Strip Lights review”

  1. Hey Erin – great video and review, thanks. I'm just renovating my outdoor area and considering a 5m strip to run under the handrail of my steps, so this was really useful, especially knowing that they come as more of a tube than a strip. Cheers from New Zealand. (PS: I would have been visiting Calgary in March if it hadn't have been for Covid!)

  2. Hi Erin, I am an apartment dweller so this item would not be something I would purchase. Do think it would be cool for a homeowner to make their house stand out from others on block. Esp cool if you had friends coming over after dark; would make your place easy to find!

  3. Nice review. Since I can't daisy chain them I guess they won't work for my application. With a handheld router, you could recess the lights around the border of your deck easily so they don't trip anyone.

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