“How do I choose the right track lighting system for my home?” We’re glad you asked! Track lighting can be a very confusing product to shop for, but serves as …


5 thoughts on “How To Choose The Right Track Lighting System”

  1. I have a huge section of H track lighting it isn't hideous but need a face lift. The inside of track has yellowed over time. Can I paint that or will that effect the heads connection?
    If I must replace it….
    Love the black and brass track lighting in your video. Do you know where I can find it?

  2. I think I have an old Tiella track lighting (monorail) and its transformer broke and fried my dimmer. I am looking for a solution. I did a few hours of research and couldn't easily find a replacement for the transformer piece. Do I buy a new starting kit? I want to reuse the 3 anchors on the ceiling. Any reply is appreciated.

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