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25 thoughts on “COLOLIGHT Unboxing and Setup”

  1. I'm having trouble connecting my Cololight to Google Home Mini. When I try to add the device, I click on "Life Smart Smart Home" but nothing comes up for me to log in to LifeSmart. Any help?

  2. Spent several hours trying to get them to connect and tried all the troubleshooting tips and more (disabled 5GHz output on router, network password changed to something without special characters etc) but nothing worked. I had to leave the house but when I came back, they connected without issue. I guess they get nitpicky with the location service so if anyone is having trouble, try turning the GPS on and off again 🙂

  3. I was just thinking, good man for muting whenever you say 'Alexa'. Then you missed one and my bedroom light turned blue :P. Great review, you've convinced me that i need these in my life.

  4. When setting custom colors, will the device save your recent settings or by default reset once you plug it back in? I plan to get this but I wont be using the app as much, if I am able to set colors without using the app constantly

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