Lutron Caseta: Lutron Caseta Pico Remote: We teach you what smart switches work in your home without a …


8 thoughts on “Best Smart Switch No Neutral”

  1. Can you provide the part # for the switch? so far everything I see in Amazon requires the neutral, someone else had a video for the PD-5WCL but that no longer seems to exist. your link also takes you with a kit with a dimmer, not a plain switch. any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Where's the Inovelli dimmer Red Series?….. the dimmer switch is next level! You can program the switch on the switch itself or if you want use a hub. Works with Neutral setup or non neutral. 11 button/functions, RGB LED notifications on the switch itself. can be used in a 3 or 4 way setup…… total bad ass switch.Dimmer though…

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