Best Budget Smart Home Lighting for Google Home Mini And Amazon Echo Sengled Lights +Coupon On Bulbs

Best Price on the Kit Amazon: Best Price on the Bulbs Amazon: Coupon on Bulds at Checkout for $5.99 …


26 thoughts on “Best Budget Smart Home Lighting for Google Home Mini And Amazon Echo Sengled Lights +Coupon On Bulbs”

  1. Today I plugged in my Google Chromecast and Phillips Hue Lights!
    It worked surprisingly great
    I ask google to turn on / off lights and it follows commands to perfection!
    I would like to thank you for this!

  2. Too bad Sengled isn't so cheap in Europe as they are in the US… Really like the video. Then I went to some EU Amazon webs and the price is just too much. Might as well go for Xiaomi ones.

  3. You do NOT need SmartThings to use this with Google Home. We got the Hub/2 A19 starter kit and an additional 2 A19 bulbs to control both garage coach lights, the front porch light and the light on the side of our house by the garage service door. All 4 now turn on in the evening and off in the morning automatically. The app also lets you dim the bulbs all the way down to 0%. We found that 36% was PLENTY for these outside lights, so we are saving even more energy by having them dimmed. Another nice touch is that for every Sengled bulb you connect to your hub, they will plant a tree in your country of choice. We just ordered 2 of the flood style lights for the recessed cans on our back patio.

  4. TK Thanks so much for sharing this as I'm just getting in the whole breakdown on how these work. I did see a video a while back but it was on a few different bulbs Thanks for sharing as I really like what this Company does.Thanks again Deb ✌️👍

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