Alexa Enabled WIFI Light Switch | NO NEUTRAL REQUIRED! UK + US + EU

Finally! A decent Wifi light switch that works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT and NO NEUTRAL WIRE REQUIRED! Currently less than £15 on …


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  1. Morning all! I found out last night that the Smart Home Expo is delayed due to Coronavirus so you can disregard the end message for now 🙁 I hope I will be able to get the time off work when it is reorganised, watch this space! Light switch links below!…

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    Wifi Light Switch UK No Neutral:
    Wifi Light Swtich US No Neutral:
    Wifi Light Swtich US Alternative (Neutral required):

    Wifi Light Switch UK No Neutral:
    Wifi Light Switch US No Neutral:

  2. Lutron Caseta is a dimmer that does NOT require a neutral wire & is ALWAY reliable. I just changed all my 22 switches to Lutron Caseta because it is FLAWLESS!!!…. WAIT, it’s costly as well…. o well it has NEVER “not worked” like my WEMO switches has for the past 2 years & I hate WEMO for being great only about 79% of the 100% I paid for!!!

  3. I know it’s a little old video. New to smart home automation after watching a few of your videos. I decided to give one of these a shot buying thru your link!

    Absolutely brilliant! Many thanks Paul.

  4. Now I'm more confused than ever about electricity. when you say "use a multimeter to test the circuit" does that also mean using my tongue to check if the power is off will be ok?

  5. Hey Paul, I hooked one of the aliexpress ones up with the condensator. It works, kinda. When the light is on, it sometimes seems to get stuck and I can t use the switch or Google to turn it off.. I then have to reset by flipping the fuse. Not ideal. Furthermore it often goes off and on again all by itself. Clearly the missus was not pleased. Do you have any tips for a noob?

  6. ⚠️ Hi! Great video. I just installed the smart switch in my bedroom, which has a twin switch connection, so 2 switches operate the same lights. I replaced the dumb switch with the simpler connection by adding the common to the Neutral whole and L1 & L2 to L and L1 in the smart.
    The issue is that the other dumb switch doesn’t operate the lights anymore.
    Any ideas why?
    Maybe because I connected the N to the common?…

  7. Paul, I am not complaining nor arguring with you but as you like to spead information I thought I should update you on you Nutral wire situation. If you light switch does not have a nutral wire and insted has to Live/Line wires it is on a 3 plate system, which in simple tearms means the power is supplied to the light in the Loop termianl, then down to the switch, back up to the light and actually through the light then down the nutral wire. It is posible to get dimmers to dim a 3 plate system as a dimmer switch in limiting the electrical current to the load. Smart sitches are currently using Relays wich are electromagnetic switchs, an autimated dimmer would be rather large and i am sure that currenly their are companies that are trying to solve this problem and srink this technology. hope this helps.

    I would also suggest that you recommend people to get an electrician to install electrical items despite it being legal to do so themsleves. people installing electrical fixtures incorrectly can cause sparks, heat, fire and death. the wires do not only have to be installed into the correct terminal but also inulation must be cut back to the correct lenght and termianls properly weighed down on to prevent fires. I understand the DIY aspect of your videos but when it somes to the risk of lives, people should be encouraged to use a professional rather than chance it.
    Again, I am not calling you a D*** or getting angry at you, simply providing some friendly feedback.

    Hope this helps and keep up the good work

  8. Hi Paul, I like your videos, cos they appeal to the half tinkering nerds in all of us, its not super technical, where I would have to write in code for using a raspberry pi for home automation and yet I get what I want, I had two things I wanted to add, one please include some EU buying links ( would be appreciated, Number 2 is I know about the big smart home alliance, that's happening now with Apple, IKEA Samsung, Philips etc, what does that mean for us, apple uses "Thread" I believe with HomePods, which is some form of wifi I think, IKEA and the rest mostly Zigbee. I am about to invest in a hub, hubitat is not available easily here and SmartThings is in short supply for whatever reason (i think Samsung is about to announce something new ) You mentioned CHIP in a video as well, The other video I saw from you was to just go WIFI for everything and not worry about it. What I want to do is , setup everything at home using HomeKit as we use primarily apple on out phones and for our computers, however I do seep to have 3 Alexa dots 3rd Gen and a Firestick 4K as well, my TV and Receiver have HDMI CEC, so they come on at same time if my fire stick is triggered form the remote, I have not tried the voice thing yet, do I still need a Broadlink RM ( whatever) as I don't really watch normal TV, so I don't need channel changing etc . I would appreciate your help thanks.

  9. Yes I can confirm that my circuit box was fitted by an idiot. They labelled my "upstairs lights" with "Smoke Alarm". Fortunately I used a tester and could see that power was still coming through to the live wires.

  10. Just ordered through your link along with a spacer plate and longer screws, so you can enjoy a coffee on me, thanks!
    Might also take a day off work and go to the Smart Life expo in November…

  11. Hey Paul, I installed the 3 gang version with a ring of LED spotlights on one of the switches and they are randomly turning on and off maybe once or twice a day. The other 2 lights seem unaffected, LED too. Any thoughts or is this someone in China messing with me? 🤣

  12. Hi. I have got 3 gang switch in my kitchen atm. One switch turns 8 gu 10 bulbs, the sec one switches a led light above my dining table and the 3rd one switches 4 led lights above my worktop. I have the second 1 gang light switch in the kitchen working 2 way with the first switch but only turning on the same 8 gu bulbs as first switch. Please can you advise if the switch you mentioned in your video would be suitable for this setup. I read on Internet people were complaining about the light flickering. All my bulbs are led ones. Thanks in advance. Great and funny videos.

  13. Samsung aren’t Chinese. They’re Korean. But I get your point. Isn’t Tuya now out of favour? I’m sure you mentioned that there’s something better out there these days – did I miss it? I do want it working with ifttt.

  14. Bought, installed, game-changer! now have smart control of a very hard to reach garage light switch controlling a florescent tube light. Brilliant! Even have a routine setup to switch it on when triggered from an Echo Flex motion detector as I walk in. Perfect. No resistor needed either. Looks like a nicely made bit of kit too.

  15. What about the sonoff-t4eu1c? I need to figure out how to make it work with a 2 way light circuit (as in an upstairs & downstairs light, regular mechanical switch & this, will it turn on & off if the other switch is in the off position?)

  16. Great Video. My biggest gripe about my smart lights is the kids keep turning them off with our analogue switches. If I replace them will this allow my LIFX lights to be used regardless of the switches state or will I need to use IFTTT to state if light is off then switch on ?

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