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13 thoughts on “WeMo Smart Light Switch Review”

  1. I rate this switch 1 out of 10. when the power goes out and you lose wi-fi. You will have to reset and install it each time. There is no fix for this. So my advice is look for another brand..I'm stuck with this crap system through out my house. Wemo Sucks!

  2. I'm not sure what you are doing wrong because this looks right to me. Your black wire is hot from the panel box. So when you hook one black wire up is becomes hot to the switch. The second black is only hot when the switch is turned on. Think of it like a breaker. Down and the switch brakes the connection up and it make connection. So when the switch is turned on current flows through the switch and up to the light via the red wire because they used 3 wire ( red, white and black) in your light box the red wire will be connected to the black wire. The white or neutral always stays connected because you only need to break the circuit with the black wire. That is what the switch is doing. The green is being grounded via the box and the bare wire. These all eventually connect back to your panels ground wire that feeds to a grounding rod. A rod pounded into the ground. There not only can you follow what your electrician did but also understand what is happening.

  3. Best review Ive found for this device so far. Goes in depth more about the app and the control of the device than most other review's I've seen.

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  5. I have installed four of these now. The first one was a single switch. The outlet had one black, one red, two whites that were twisted together and the ground. I installed it just fine. One red to the first black connection. The black with black. The ground to ground and lastly, I was able to untwist the cap that was already connecting the white ones and added the white one to it. The next three I just did this past weekend. I had one light for the porch light, one for the foyer and one for a switch that controlled power for two electrical outlets. The porch and foyer switches were easy. However, when it came to the white, I was very confused and concerned. All the twist caps that I've seen at home depot (red) said the twist caps are rated for 6 white wires. With the addition of the three whites from the new switches, that would put the total to 6. I was told that 6 is unsafe. So what I ended up doing was pig tailing. I had to make a jumper. Just a small 6-8 inch white 12 gauge wire. Stripped off both ends. Next I was able to take three of the white wires and added one end of the jumper and twist capped them together. I did the same with the next three and wallah, I was done. The only thing that you need to worry about is if you have three way pole switch. Meaning two electric switches control the same lighting fixture. That will not work until you break this configuration of which I don't have experience with. So far I am very happy with my switches and I have plans to replace 6-8 more in my house. It's awesome to be able to tell Alexa to turn things off for you or set a timer in case you fall asleep and forget to turn the lights off.

  6. I wanted to get the same switch and noticed your wiring was the same as mine. Two black, a red and a white but mine is to a ceiling fan with a light. Same as you I'm waiting for an electrician.

  7. Take it for what it's worth however if you choose to hook it up yourself without a licensed electrician and by some chance had an electrical fire your insurance company does not have to pay the claim and in most cases will not .he close of the electrician is well worth the price if something were to happen.
    And believe me they first thing they look for in a fire is whether or not you had any unlicensed work done….

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