Here is my Ultimate Smart Home Tech Tour with 21 ways we automated our home. This is the perfect gift guide too, especially for Christmas! QUICK LINKS: 1.


37 thoughts on “ULTIMATE SMART HOME TECH TOUR: 21 Home Automation Ideas for 2020”

  1. I’m not sure if people are just looking for someone to hate/something to be upset about or if they have some deluded notion that their idea of sustainability or smart home is the only one in existence. I’m absolutely baffled that people in the comments are complaining that this home is not at all sustainable or moving towards that direction. It has SOLAR PANELS and battery backup people. I’m even more baffled at people in the comments saying this home is not a smart/automated home. For crying out loud, google home/assistant can automate every single product on this list except for solar panels. Quit complaining/negatively criticizing someone trying to do their part to be more efficient and sustainable in their lives. Live yours and if you don’t like the concept, come out with your own video about sustainability and automation.

  2. Her system is not secure at all. It's very easy to jam the wifi signal. Crack WPA2/WPA3 and jam the cellular signal. I use all PoE wired products and can access the system via a VPN tunnel. NOT a CLOUD service. Now we can see all of the security vulnerabilities installed in your home. Good job. LoL, btw.. If you really want to be energy efficient then you should have installed a water turbine system. Yes, and no one cares about your mediocre system and no – you are not special.

  3. I have a right to an opinion in a YouTube comment section, so I just have to say, most of these convenient things just remove good routines and responsibilities in one’s life.

  4. Wouldnt it be smarter to charge your car at night by using the grid when rates are so much cheaper? Or is your solar providing so much energy that it can run your whole house and charge your car?

  5. I love all of this and also how it can save so much time in your day from chores ext.
    I do imagine the price must be huge, and considering how often you want to upgrade, even more expensive.

    For me I don't like how much access we're giving to electronics, like the amount of information into our personal lives these companies have into our houses is crazy. Video in and outside of the house, microphones in echo and google home. All of our travel activities, all of online activities. Everything.

  6. I am a 11 years old child and i want to use this app-my parents don't know about this and probably 💯 won't let me use it- I really want to try it but I'm scared from getting hacked and more-

  7. Stuff like the doorbell, vaccum, thermostat, locks and cameras are useful. However, the fridge and washing machine is literally the stupidest purchases I have ever seen. Also, you don't need cameras all over inside the house. Cameras outside the house are ample. I would rather be "smart" and invest the thousands of dollars I would save.

  8. Smart plugs leach just as much as appliances do. They are always on if they are plugged in. Its not a bad thing… just don't buy one thinking it's going to stop that low power consumption.

  9. Im glad not to be the only one with a super charged smart home 🏠 my family are always talking shit about how great is to just go and flip a switch or be normal, ugh i think they are really jealous of my smart home, i don’t have to be yelling at my kids to turn the lights off from the backyard or front door, my yard is always pristine because of my lawn robot as well, oh well this made me feel better

  10. Since they had their house built it could have definitely been done better. That is not to say their home isn't good for a house that has been retrofitted with smart appliances. However this is still a ways away from being a true smart home. with all our internet connected devices I hope your network security is up to par. A true smart home should be able to be functional while being disconnected from the internet. Overall not bad, B

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