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20 thoughts on “Type S Smart Trim Light Installation”

  1. I had to buy 2 just to make the light go all the way around my cluster panel… So i have 2 of the lights going into one piece of trim at each end… And thank God cause the one pack the light had air bubbles in it so it looked shitty… And now the one I have installed is starting to have air bubbles in it…

  2. Worst fiber optic ever… just bought these 4 days ago and already returned them…. trust me they look a lot brighter on camera than they do in real life, very weak, very dull, terrible design.

  3. Just installed these in my challenger and I’m honestly pretty disappointed. The installation was simple and took 10 minutes, but these aren’t very bright. I even turned the brightness all the way up in the app and they’re still not bright enough. The only color that’s actually bright is the blue, but my cars interior is black and green to match the outside and I wanted to run green, but the green is so dim it barely looks like it’s on.

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