TP LINK Archer C6 AC1200 Review: ULTIMATE Budget Gigabit MU-MIMO Router!

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35 thoughts on “TP LINK Archer C6 AC1200 Review: ULTIMATE Budget Gigabit MU-MIMO Router!”

  1. So even though this router doesn't have a repeater mode, it does support WDS Bridging that you can access by:
    Advanced->System tools->system Parameters-> Enable WDS Bridging (Wireless Distribution System), Choosing SSID you want to extend and disabling DHCP server (Thanks to Maruis for pointing it out).

    HOWEVER, WDS is NOT the same as a repeater/extender mode, and it doesn't work with all networks like a repeater mode does, in addition to being much more complicated for average users to set up.

    Lastly, this router did get OneMesh Update, and now you can make mesh networks with this with other Onemesh devices.

  2. मैने ये राऊटर 1 st floor लगाया है… लेकीन ग्राउंड फ्लोर को रेंज कम है… तो वहा कौनसा राऊटर या एक्सटेंडर लगाऊ

  3. If i want to buy this router is it necessary or compulsory that i should have a old wifi router of any company or not? And how do these routers work? Can u explain in deep please bro ❤️

  4. Bro, there are many and many hackers around my area. They all together are trying to hack my wifi password, even my userid. They are nonstoply attacking my wifi, router and userid. So make a video about how to most highly secure my wifi password, userid and admin panel. Actually they are using different apps to hack my wifi or ppoe userid. You should give correct English subtittle.

  5. Bro , don't buy this. If any issue happens and you send your router via Courier . They kept my router from 1 month and still no replacement. Shitty Service. MIMO is shitty feature too. You cannot use if you don't have same company router.

  6. To link mr6400 ki fast internet speed ko kaise badaye kyu ki mai us jagah pr mere Mobil network ko fast use krta hu or to link router se wife bahut slow access hota hi koi khas trick ho speed badane ki to bataye

  7. I took ACT broadband and they gave Archer C5 ISP router. This router has lot of issues with 5Ghz, very unstable. Does Archer C6 work fine with 5Ghz signal? How is the stability?

  8. I bought this router after seeing many reviews under 2k budget. Everything is fine here. but whenver power reconnects or swich off and on this router is taking more than 2 mins to restart and share the WIFI. is this standard bevaviour ? or my router has problem ? Pls someone who knows it explain me, Thanks in advance.

  9. @TechReflex can you tell me a best router for a 45 Mbps plan (Tikona Air-Fiber network) Iv'e tried (Asus RT-AC 53) the router is good but some were has a break / lag. could you suggest me where i can get good range coverage like the one with 2.4 ghz / TP-Link TL-WR941HP 450Mbps were it has 9 dbi antennae. or can i got for an extender instead of another router. Kindly suggest me a better connectivity and rage. Thanks bro.

  10. I can get Archer C50 for 1700rs and that is 300rs cheaper than C60 and 500rs cheaper than C6. I never use LAN ports so I don't care about gigabit port at all. All I need is a very good range high speed router for cheapest price. Thank you!

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