Electrician Life Installing Smart Lighting Join me as I install some Aurora AOne Smart Lighting and recessed downlights The following ADVERTS help our …


27 thoughts on “Electrician Life Installing Smart Lighting”

  1. I am not sure what’s Smart about those lights, they just seem to be Controllable Lights, controlled by an awful loud clicking wall switch or finding the hand controller. They should have had a proper smart system like Loxone then they could have had full control without the need to intervene or press buttons, …….proper automation, proper smart.

  2. Really enjoyed that video Jordan. A little tip When I fill holes in the ceiling This is good especially for smaller ones we use the plasterboard cutouts fromThe new hole cut out and used as a template to cut out the old holes and then it’s easier to repair than other than just filling it with filler.

  3. Hi ther im looking to get some new smoke alarms for my house (wierd) and i have seen that you can run them in by using your lighting ciruit. Would you just wire them in the same way as if you were adding another light. Basically just daisy chain them in

    P. S the smoke alarms i am thinking of getting are connected by wifi so i dont need a 3 core and earth to join them together

  4. Would you be able to do a video in future to help explain the pairing process etc and products used for the smart side for us apprentice/Learners? Thanks

  5. Why did you not show more of the actual lightning setup…. with the module etc. How it all works, that would have been informative….. We all know about marking the lights up etc. Go a bit more technical….. Like I work in commercial /industrial, I never get exposure to these kinda things….

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